Better off kept a secret

I'm Angie. I'm 17! I have light brown hair. I still live with my parents. Oh ya I almost forgot I'm not human.


2. Detention

The teacher gave us a weird look. "never mind" he said as he turned his head. I couldn't help but smile. The teacher walked up to us and handed us papers. They both said "DETENTION" at the top in big letters and our names at the bottom. I glanced at his. It said "Harry Styles". He smiled at me. I put the paper in my back pocket. Then suddenly the bell rang. "I'll see you at detention" he said laughing. I giggled as I walked out the door. What was I doing?!? Was I flirting?!? I walked to my next class which was history. I hated this class! 
I walked out of my last class finally. Out of all my classes I only met three of the new guys. Which were Harry, Liam, and Louis. Louis was really funny! I was now off to detention. But seeing all these humans made me hungry. I walked out to the street to looked for a bad guy. But nothing. I was starting to get extremely hungry! I saw a innocent woman. I started to walk behind her. Then I stopped myself. I just couldn't do it! Then finally a man with a giant bag in his hand was running. He has a mask on. I ran towards him. I bit his neck. Then I sucked it all out. I grabbed the bag and gave it to the woman I saw earlier. I ran to detention. I walked in. Mr. Cell was there. He looked sad not mad when he saw me walk in. I'd never been in detention before. I walked and saw Harry. I guess he was saving me a seat. "hey" he said. "hey" I said quiet. There was this guy that was talking to him. "this is my friend zayn he's in the band" he told me. "cool" I said. Then there was a long silence. After about an hour we finally got to leave. I started to walk home. He ran towards me. "its dangerous out there!!do you always walk home alone?" he asked me concerned. I didn't look at him. Why didn't he just leave me alone. And think I was creepy like the other guys. "ya I'm fine" I mumbled.I started to walk a little faster. He walked a little faster with me. He walked me all the way to my house!
I sat on the curb. He sat next to me. "sooooooo why are you just waiting here go into your house" he said. "I uh wait out here because Uhhh..." I said. I had to say something! I couldn't tell him that my parents wernt there because they were out catching food! We're like vegaterians we only drink animal blood. "they arnt here because there at the super market" I said. He nodded.
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