From First Sight

Briar was an ordinary girl who really just happened to be in the right place at the right time . She stumbled across 5 boys who needed her help . She got close to Niall and soon realised the importance of love


7. Will you

We drove home in separate cars . All the boys went in Harry's car and I went in jaimes car . The whole drive to the boys apartment I couldn't stop thinking about Niall about what would happen with us .
We pulled up at a flash apartment block . We all went up the lift to floor 12 and went into there apartment .
Inside was huge there was plasma tv and an amazing view . We ordered Chinese for dinner and sat on the couch and talked .
" let's play truth or dare " Jaime said
We all agreed
Harry went first he dared Louis to wax one of his legs and only one . Louis reluctantly agreed to do it . He screamed the loudest scream I had ever heard .
Then Louis dared zayn to take out all his hair gel but he wouldn't do it .
Zayn then dared Niall and I to go into a room and talk for 10 mins alone . We stood up and he walked infront to the room . I say in the bed and he sat next to me . He cracked some funny jones that made me laugh .
" briar I have to confess something " he said
" I'm listening " I replied
" we'll I know I have only known you for a week and a bit but I feel every minute I'm
Around you is the best minutes of my life your amazi g briar and that kiss was something special would you be my girlfriend "
I smiled and gave him a hug
" of course Niall " I said
We kissed and walked hand in hand down to the others .
They all looked up at us
" what's this " Harry asked cheekily
Niall and I looked at eachother and sat down on the couch again . But this time we were cuddled up together as a coupple . I briar was now Niall horans girl friend
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