From First Sight

Briar was an ordinary girl who really just happened to be in the right place at the right time . She stumbled across 5 boys who needed her help . She got close to Niall and soon realised the importance of love


19. Wake up

Nialls pov . 

She was still sleeping in a coma i didint know if she would wake up or not . I had woken 3 days ago and still Briar was asleep . The boys were great help keeping me company but i still cant help but think that is was my fault that Briar was in that coma i pulled over . 

I heard rustling in her bed i looked over to see her eyes slowly pop open . 

"Nurse" I yelled

I jumped up and held her hand 

" Briar im so sorry im so sorry " I said 

She just hugged me and cryed into my chest 

" We were hit , what happened to me "she said 

"You went into a coma babe " 


Briars Pov

I had woken up from my coma i honestly cant really remember what happened but that we were hit . Niall was hugging me i looked into those blue eyes of his and thought 

" Im going to be with this boy forever " 

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