From First Sight

Briar was an ordinary girl who really just happened to be in the right place at the right time . She stumbled across 5 boys who needed her help . She got close to Niall and soon realised the importance of love


4. Meet again

I had gotten over the fact that my brother and mother could of been killed. Jaime always made me forget my problems and helped me move on . I got a txt from Niall it said 

" Hey Briar its Nialler here , The boys and i were wondering if you and jaime would like to meet us at the forsks park in 10 mind xx "

Jaime and i looked at eachother and nodded . 

We headed to the park and the boys werent there .We raced to the swings and had a little swinging competition. We were laughing . I put my head back and legs in the air and thats when i noticed the boys standing behind us smiling. We jumped off the swings and greeted them . We all walked around the park before louis ran to his car and came back with a football ball. We just ran around kicking the ball it was fun . Jaime keped on falling over the ball she was more of a gymnastics girl. 

We sat down and jaime told them about what had happened to me . 

" Dont worry briar its okay now " Niall said to me he pulled me into a hug. It was a hug i hadnt experienced before i hadnt felt this way either . There were butterflys in mt stomach and a smile on my face. He was warm and our bodies just kind of moulded the way it should. 

" Darn Its paul we have to go to his office " Liam said 

We all walked out of the park before going our seperate ways for the day . 

The first thing jaime said to me was he hugged you. I knew she would say that first i just laughed and said "yes he did "

Her mother had ordered us pizzas before she left on a buisness trip. 

We ate pizza and watched movies . We had baggy grey trackpants on and shirts our hair was in messy buns on the top of our heads. 

" oh yeah the boys are coming around in 5 " Jaime said to me 

" Is Niall coming " I asked 

" yeah of course , why do you fancy him or something " Jaime asked 

I just smiled a smile that pretty much told her that I did i mean i only met him today and i liked him . 

The boys arrived and sat on the couches . Jaime and i made popcorn. I went and sat next to Niall in the love couch ( a two person couch ) and jaime sat inbetween harry and zayn. 

The movie started playing and i realised it was paranormal activity . 

" no no no no please not this " i said looking worried 

" Dont worry i will protect you " Niall said smiling 

I had my head buried into his chest and had my eyes shut for most of the movie . I opened my eyes at one point just as something scary happened . Jaime and i both screamed and niall rubbed my bad and whispered that it was okay in my ear . 

The last thing i remember was falling asleep in Nialls arms .



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