From First Sight

Briar was an ordinary girl who really just happened to be in the right place at the right time . She stumbled across 5 boys who needed her help . She got close to Niall and soon realised the importance of love


5. great awakening

I woke up the next morning to the aroma of strawberries and pancakes . I opened my eyes to see zayn asleep on the floor and everyone in the kitchen . I walked into the kitchen .

" Morning sleepyhead" Jaime said 

"morning" I mumbled

I sat up on the bench next to her harry passed me a plate of pancakes and i silently ate them. I had a shower and got dressed in jeans and a sleevless navy shirt. 

" What are you girls doing today " Liam asked 

" Nothing much " we replied in unison

The boys were going to be doing 3 radio interviews. Jaime and i decided to go to a cute little cafe in the heart of london . 

we walked along the cobbled paths towards the cafe. We ordered a hot chocolate and a muffin each . This cafe made the best hot chocolates with a whole chocolate bar yummy. 

" Briar I have to tell you something " jaime said 

" What " i asked

" well dont flip because i only met him yesterday but harry and i kissed last night after you fell asleep on niall "Jaime said

my eyes widened and i nearly screamed with excitment 

"Omg yay are you going on a date " i asked

jaime took a while to reply aand then she shrugged she didint know if harry liked her . 

"Speak of the devil " jaime said 

harry txted her to tune into bbc radio 1 for there interview

they talked about lots of stuff and even mentioned that they had met two pretty cool girls yesterday . Jaime and i laughed 

We got back to Jaimes and cleaned up the mess from last night .


Sorry these chapters are so short but i have good ideas up my sleeve Follow my twitter @Briarjwood xx


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