From First Sight

Briar was an ordinary girl who really just happened to be in the right place at the right time . She stumbled across 5 boys who needed her help . She got close to Niall and soon realised the importance of love


18. crash

France was beautiful . Emma attended her fathers funeral and stayed with her family a few days. Niall and I went for a drive into the town center to do shopping at food places typical Niall. 

We had lunch at our hotel before we left Niall made salad subs and i made cups of tea for the both of us . We sat on the veranda looking out at the city . It looked amazing it was like me and niall at the top of the world . 

We left to go to the food shops we went to a lovley french bakery and got some pasties for the others . We went from food shop food shop . The last shop we went to was a cafe were we sat at the window seat sipping steaming hot tea and eating crossonts well niall had about 4 . The afternoon sun was straming through the stain glass windows warming our cheeks . 

When we were finished we left a small tip on the counter

We were driving in traffic and niall decided to pull over and wait for the traffic to pass . We were on the side of the road. I heard a horn toot and a blinding light in the reivision mirror . The last thing i remember was being violently shunted forward and then it all went blank . 

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