From First Sight

Briar was an ordinary girl who really just happened to be in the right place at the right time . She stumbled across 5 boys who needed her help . She got close to Niall and soon realised the importance of love


1. Beginning of summer

Warm air , Birds chirping and the smell of pancakes throughout your house , Yes it was finally the beginning of summer . Briar and her best friend Jaime had been planning this summer the whole year , it was going to be a summer full with fun excitement and maybe even abit of love .
"Briar" My mother called from downstairs
I ran down the stairs making as much noise as I could I was so excited . I sat at the table behind a plate of pancakes .
" Jaime called for you " my mother said sweetly .
I grabbed the phone and took my pancakes into the living room .
" hey jimbob " I said when Jaime answered the phone . We had funny names for eachother such as jimbob and bribob . Jaime was picking me up in 1 hour as we were going shopping for summer things before they all sold out . I ran up stairs and jumped into the shower . I picked out a pair of jeans a Cream sleeveless chiffon shirt with little diamonds on the collar and a pair if black vans . I left my hair naturally wavy but straightened the sides of my hair . I slipped my phone and wallet in my bag and ran downstairs to wait . My brother had allready taken up the while couch so I sat on the kitchen counter . My brother was called Jason he was 17 and I was 18 . Jaimes car pulled up out side my house 15 mins later . I kissed my mother good bye and jumped in her car . " hey bribob" Jaime said " hey jimbob " we drove to the mall with the radio on full blast our favourite song came on it was Live While We're Young we were singing like maniacs getting strange looks from people in other cars but we didint mind . We pulled up to the mall and there were about 200 screaming girls . Jaime and I exchanged weird looks before grabbing wrists and pushing to the front of the crowds . At the front of the Croud i heard a scream from Jaime . What was going on I thought to myself . Jaime grabbed your wrist and the wrist of a boys . He must if brought his friends because before I knew it I was standing inside a shop with 5 boys . It took me a while to register there faces but when I did it came as a shock . I felt my jaw drop open and te only words that could come out was " you you your one direction "
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