It's Called Love

Hi, I'm Sheila, I'm 15. This is my story about me and my boyfriend, Cody Simpson. Full of love, betrayal, and comedy.


2. The Coffee Shop

"Enjoying your coffee?" asked Cody.

"Mhmm…" I said as I sipped my hot cup. 

I heard a click and I looked up, he was holding his phone. 

"Caught you" he said with a smirk.

My face turned pink. "You took a picture??" 

He showed me the picture of me sipping my coffee. I looked like an idiot.

"That goes on Instagram~" he said with a sing-song voice. 

"W-what?? No don't do that!"

I started reaching for his phone over the table. He put it out of my reach and began teasing me. I got frustrated and moved back to my chair when my coffee spilled on me. I shrieked, the hot coffee got all over my pants. Cody busted out laughing. 

"This isn't funny!! Stop laughing!" my face turned a deep red.

"But baby, you're so adorable!" he said cracking up.

"Then lets see how you like it!" I said as I grabbed his coffee and poured it on his pants. 

He yelped and now it was my turn to begin laughing. We both busted out laughing and thats when one of the waitresses came up to us. 

"I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave." said the waitress, I looked at her name tag. Her name was Dana. 

Cody and I both said our apologies and left the coffee shop still laughing. 

"See what you did? Now were soaked in coffee and it's freezing out here!" I teased Cody.

"Lets get you home then, I have to go in about an hour anyways." he said still smiling. 

"Okay" I said as I smiled back. 

He kissed my forehead and then my lips and I kissed back. He laughed and said, "You smell like a vanilla latte!" I giggled back and said, "You smell like a chocolate mocha!"

We got in his car and he drove me to my house. 

"Thank you for today, I had fun." I said.

"I had fun too," he replied. 

We kissed and said the rest of our goodbyes and I was in my house by the time he drove off. 


​**Author's Note** I haven't been on in forever!! The reason I was gone so long was because I thought my writing was no good. I came back and BAMM!! So many requests for updates. Short chapters I know, but I'm pretty rusty. Sorry!! I'll update as soon as I can. Thank you so much for reading!! :)

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