Stole My Heart [EDITING]

--BOOK 1 OF THE STOLE MY HEART SERIES-- Mandy is a shy 16 year old girl who lives in San Diego, California with her loving, but depressed and alcoholic, mother and her 14 year old half sister. After being in a bad relationship in the past, Mandy has been afraid to fall in love again but after her 2 best friends drag her to a One Direction -the band she hates with passion- concert she meets the adorable Harry Styles, who starts to fall in love with her, and she realizes that she may be falling in love with him too. Will she be able to manage her trust issues and let him teach her how to love again, or will she push him away?


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6



Mandy's POV



"Harry I have to go," I laughed on the phone.


It's been a few weeks since Harry and I became a couple and since then we have been inseparable.  Since he's on break now that the tour is over, we've been seeing each other almost every day. The media has probably spread rumors about us by now but we're right now not confirming anything to them yet because we're keeping our relationship private. Harry doesn't want to confirm anything to them just yet because he told me that we should wait and see how our relationship goes first and then make it official to the world.


So far right now, our relationship is going great but I'm still not really sure about confirming it because I feel like it shouldn't be anyone's business. I mean it's our relationship. Why does the whole world have to know about celebrities, like Harry, being in relationships?  I guess its for entertainment but still I feel like it would be better if celebrities can be treated like regular people instead of getting followed around by paparazzi all the time and have rumors spread about them. Harry doesn't really seem to mind it but I kind of do because I just hate when rumors are floating around. 


"Why?" Harry playfully whined on the other line. 


"Because I want to go to bed. I'm tired," I replied. 


"Okay Baby, I'll let you go," he sighed. "So I'll see you tomorrow then?" 


"Yeah. I'll be over," I smiled. 


"Alright. Goodnight," 


"Goodnight," I replied and hang up. 


I sigh and plug in my phone to charge before setting it down on my nightstand. I lay down in my bed and just as I turn off the light, I hear my phone vibrate on my nightstand. I pick it up and I laugh to myself when I saw that Harry texted me. He does this to me every night after we get off the phone.


From: Harry 

Can we talk for just a few more minutes? ;)


To: Harry



From: Harry

Okay, how about just one minute?


To: Harry

LOL! You’re so annoying.


From: Harry

God you’re so mean


I widen my eyes. Did I really hurt his feelings? I hope I didn’t because now I feel bad. I begin to text something but another message from him pops up.


From: Harry

LOL! I was kidding.


I sigh with relief after reading that. Thank god. It’s hard to tell if someone is joking or being serious over text message. We text for a few more minutes and then he finally lets me go so I can go to sleep.




I awake the next morning to the sound of birds chirping outside and to the sun shining through my curtains. I look at the time on my phone and it said 9:30 AM. I usually wake up earlier than that but since I was up late talking to Harry on the phone I slept a little late. When I was fully awake, I get out of bed and make my way downstairs. I find my mom at the counter making coffee and Alicia sitting at the counter eating some cereal.


“Morning Mama,” I said as I go to the refrigerator to get some apple juice.


“Morning Baby,” she said.


I pour the apple juice in a cup and make myself a bowl of cereal. Then I sit down beside Alicia at the counter, watching whatever is on TV.


“So Mands, who were those roses from?” my mom asked.


I literally almost choke on my cereal. Obviously she just noticed those flowers that Harry gave me a few weeks ago because she’s been working and in bed sleeping. She knows I’ve been hurt by Mason already so I’m kind of nervous to tell her that I’m going out with someone, who is also a celebrity, because she might get a little upset. She hated seeing me hurt and I know she doesn’t want to see go through it again.


“I-I’m going out with someone,” I manage to say.


“Oh. I would like to meet him someday. He better be treating you right,” she said.


“He is, Mom,” I said.


“Yeah, who is he, Mandy? You told me you were going out with someone but you never told me who it was,” Alicia asked.


“Uh, you’ll see when you meet him,” I replied and put my bowl in the sink.


“What are you two doing today?” my Mom asked. “I’m going to leave the SUV for you, Mandy so you can use it if you have to go out


“I’m going out to the mall with Julia and Megan,” I lied.


“Becca and Ashleigh are coming over so I’ll be here,” Alicia said.


My mom nods and gives us kisses on the top of the head before walking out the door to go to work. It’s good that she’s getting out of the house more because she really needs that. She’s still not herself but she’s starting to get a little better. She’s still drinks occasionally but only on the weekends when she doesn’t have to work. There were times where she had to miss it because of hangovers. It’s just sad that she’s barely around to spend time with Alicia and I. But at least we have our friends and I have Harry.


I talk to Alicia for a while and then I go upstairs to get ready for the day. I take a quick shower and then I put on skinny jeans and a t-shirt before blow drying my hair and putting on some makeup. Harry didn’t tell me what we were doing today but I still want to look presentable for him. He’s told me that I look beautiful in no matter what I wear but I still like to look nice.


Before going downstairs, I put on some lip-gloss and then wrap my jacket around my waist. I tell Alicia that I’m leaving and grab the car keys off the hook in the front hallway and walk out the door. I text Harry to let him know that I’m on my way over and then I pull out of the driveway. It took me about 10 minutes to get to the house. I go up to the front door but before I was able to knock, someone answers the door but it wasn’t Harry. It was Niall.


“Hi Niall,” I said.


“Sup Mandy?” he asked.


“Nothing much. Is Harry here?”


“Yeah. He’s down the basement with the other lads. Come on in and I’ll take you down there,” he replied and I walk inside.


He shuts the door behind me and he leads me down the front hall to the stairs that lead to the basement. Once we got down there, I begin to hear noises so I’m guessing they’re playing a video game or wrestling. Niall leads me into the game room and I find Harry, Liam, and Louis sitting on the couch playing a video game and Zayn on a lounge chair doodling like he always does. I’ve never really talked to him much because he’s always been kind of quiet. Just as Harry saw me, he smiles and pauses the game before standing up to greet me with a hug.


“Hi Baby,” he said before kissing me softly.


“Hi,” I smiled. “How are you?”


“Fine,” he replied, smiling back. “Want to play the game with us?”


“No thanks, I’ll watch,”


He nods and then he lets me sit down beside him on the couch. I say hi to the others and watch them play the rest of their video game. They’re playing the usual, FIFA, and Harry and Louis are playing against Liam. He’s losing and Louis would not stop teasing him every time he or Harry scored. They do this all the time and it’s really funny. They act like 2 brothers that fight over everything. Somehow, Liam ends up winning the game then he stands up on the couch celebrating. Louis pulls him back down and Liam falls down onto the floor before Louis stands up on the couch.


“Louis, don’t do it!” Liam said.


“CANNONBALL!” Louis screams and jumps on Liam.


Thankfully Louis is tiny so he didn’t hurt Liam that bad. They continue to fight until Paul, their manager, had to come down to try to break them up. He lives with them since they can’t live by themselves. I mean, they have Louis but none of them can really cook and they get rough so they need an actual adult to keep an eye on them. I turn to look at Harry and he just sighs and shakes his head. He has to see this every day and I just feel bad.


“You want to go out? I’m bored,” he asked.


“Sure. Let’s go,” I replied and we go upstairs.


We walk outside and get into the car. As Harry pulls out of the driveway he turns on the radio and Imagine by, John Lennon starts playing, which is one of my favorite songs. Harry and I are pretty much into the same type of music and it makes me happy because we actually have a little something in common.


“I love this song,” I said.


“Me too. It sucks that he had to get killed. He was a fucking legend,” Harry said.


“I know right but at least Paul and Ringo are still living,”


He nods agreeing with me and we continue to listen to the song.


“So, where are we going?” I asked.


“You like to ice skate?”


“Yeah, but I’m not really good at it,” I replied.


He laughs and I have to admit that it was one of the most beautiful laughs that I’ve ever heard.


“I’m sure you’re not that bad,” he said after he finished laughing.


“I am. You’ll see when we get there,” I said.


It’s true. I’m not that good of an ice skater. Every time I ice skate, I always have to hold onto something so I don’t fall or stumble. I never really got to ice skate much though so I guess that’s why I’m not that good. The last time I went was when I was 12 with my very first boyfriend Sean. Our first date was going ice-skating and I remember when we got on the ice, I fell and he laughed at me but he helped me up and held my hand the whole time. This was way before I started dating Mason.


Sean was the sweetest and cutest boy ever and we dated until the beginning of 7th grade. He had to move to Michigan because his dad was in the military. We keep in touch sometimes but I haven’t heard from him in a while. Maybe later I’ll message him on Facebook and see what he’s been up to. When Harry and I got to the rink, he finds a place to park and then he takes my hand, leading me inside. There really isn’t anyone here right now because it’s a weekday and people are working and kids are probably at camp.


I’m kind of glad that there aren’t a lot of people here because then Harry and I would have a nice date and it would suck if it got ruined with fans mobbing us.  After Harry and I got our skates, we sit down on a bench and start tying our skates. Harry finishes before me and I’m still struggling like some retard. Harry looks over at me and laughs before kneeling down on the floor in front of me.


“Here,” he said as he puts my foot on his leg and starts tying my skates.


“Thanks,” I said, blushing a little bit.


“No problem,” he smiled and keeps tying. “Is that tight enough?”


I nod and he finishes tying it. Then, he begins to tie the other one and after he was done, he helps me up off the bench and we walk over to the ice. Harry immediately starts skating around and I just stand there holding onto the wall. I have to admit that he is really good a lot better than I am. A few people recognize him but nothing really happened. He would just say hi and keep skating. When he got back over to me, he stops and skates over to me.


“Come here,” he said and helps me off the wall. “Just keep your balance. It’s just like roller skating,”


He takes my hand and we slowly start skating around the rink and so far I haven’t fallen yet, thankfully.


“You’re doing fine. Want me to let go?” Harry asked.


“Yeah,” I replied.


He nods and just as he lets go, I start to skate slowly behind him. Okay I can do this. I can do this. I continue to skate and just as I try to skate around the corner, I feel myself beginning to fall over. I quickly try to hold onto the wall but I keep slipping.


“Harry,” I call.


He turns around and begins to skate over to help me but before he had the chance to, I fall and slip on my butt. He laughs and holds his hand out to me.


“You okay?” he asked.


“Yeah. But my ass is wet,” I laughed.


I grab onto his hand and he tries to pull me up but then he ends up falling over on top of me. We laugh and after we caught our breaths, we just continue to lie there. Harry looks down at me and his green eyes begin to sparkle with love, making my heart pound. He lightly rubs my cheek with his thumb and I feel myself begin to blush from his touch.


“You’re so beautiful,” he said and leans down to kiss me.


My lips connect with his and we kiss slowly, making butterflies flutter in my stomach from the feeling of his soft lips against mine. We always made out when we were together but it never felt like this. Usually our make outs lasted about a few minutes but this time it’s lasting more than that. The kiss slowly begins to deepen and I feel Harry put his hand under my shirt, lightly running his thumb along my thigh. I like this, I really like this but it’s weird because he’s kissing me in the middle of ice rink where we’re getting wet and people are probably looking at us. But I don’t really care. I’m with Harry and that’s all that matters.


“Hey!” went a voice.


Harry and I pull away and we find a man in a referee uniform standing by the entrance of the ice rink.


“What are you kids doing? If you want to have sex, go home!” he shouted at us.


I feel my cheeks start to turn red with embarrassment. Harry and I weren’t even going to have sex in the middle of an ice rink. That would be awkward and we’re not even ready to go that far…yet. Harry manages to stand back up and he helps me back up and we skate over to exit the ice.


“Sorry sir. We weren’t trying to do anything. We slipped and we just started making out, that’s all,” Harry said.


“It’s alright. Just be careful next time,” he said and walks away.


“That was weird,” I said to Harry once the man was out of sight.


“I know,” he agreed. “You want to go?”


I nod and then we get out of our skates. Once we got outside, paparazzi along with a few fans waiting for us outside. Strange. How did those girls know that we were here? Twitter I guess. Ever since Harry and I got together, fans and paparazzi have been following us a lot and it’s crazy. But it really doesn’t seem to bother Harry that much because he obviously likes the attention. I let Harry go over to take photos with the fans and then we leave.


“My ass is still a little wet so I apologize if I get your seat wet,” I giggled.


“It’s fine. Mine is too. It will dry,” he said before taking my hand.


I laugh again and then we listen to the radio until we finally got back to the house. Harry and I go inside and we find the boys in the living room watching Anchorman, one of my favorite movies. Just as we sit down on the couch, Liam comes in with popcorn and we pass around the bowl so we can all have some. Then it gets set in the middle of the coffee table so none of the boys start fighting over it. We spend the rest of the afternoon laughing and enjoying the movie and after it ends, we all decide to go outside to play some soccer.


We managed to get Paul to come out to play with us and then the fun began. I’m a pretty good soccer player myself because I played a few years. Even though I stopped playing, I still know the rules and play pretty well. But I feel the boys will play a little better because soccer is the most popular sport in their country. After playing a few games, the sun begins to set and the rest go inside but Harry and I stay back.


“I never knew you were good at football,” he said.


“I played for a few years but I stopped,” I said.




“I don’t know. I just got a little tired of it I guess and a few girls on my team called me a freak because of my mom,” I replied.


“What happened to your mum exactly?” he asked.


I sigh. I hate talking about it because it just makes me upset. Having a mother as an alcoholic is sad and frustrating. But I feel comfortable with Harry so I guess telling him wouldn’t be bad.


“Well, after my dad passed away when I was 5, she remarried to this man who wasn’t a good guy. He abused her a lot and he even hurt my half sister and me too…the abuse made her get depressed so she started drinking. It got worse after he passed away in a car accident and since then she’s been in and out of rehab,” I explained. “I barely even spend time with her anymore and she’s barely around. She’s either working, getting drunk, or sleeping and it hurts a lot,”


“Oh, I’m sorry about that. Is there anything I can do?” he asked sympathetically.


“No, there isn’t. But thanks though,” I said.


“Come here,” he said and gives me a long hug.


I bury my face into his shirt, taking in his beautiful scent. I feel so warm and comfortable whenever he gives me hugs like that. He literally wraps his arms around me and holds me tight against him and I love it a lot. I’m glad I have Harry. Before him I had no one and now that I have him, I never want to let him go.


“Thanks,” I said as he releases me from the hug.


“No problem, Baby,” he said and lightly kisses my forehead.  “What time do you have to be home again?”


“10:00 o’clock,” I said.


“Good, because we have plenty of time to play some more football!” he said.


“Shouldn’t we go inside and eat first?” I asked, laughing a little.


“Yeah I guess we should,” he sighed and then we go inside.


The rest of the gang was inside sitting in the kitchen having some pizza and thankfully there was some left for Harry and I. I had a few slices along with a can of Coca-Cola to drink and after I finished eating, I felt like my stomach was going to explode since it was so full. I manage to digest and then Harry and I go back outside to play football for a little while. It’s only 8 now so I have 2 hours left. Harry turns on the spotlight in the backyard and then we kick around the ball for a while before playing.


“Let’s see who scores the most goals in three games,” he said once we finished warming up.


“It’s going to be me, obviously,” I teased.


He smirks, making his cute dimple pop out.




“Really,” I smirked back.


“We’ll see about that. If I win, you have to buy me a chocolate bar but if you win, you have to kiss me,”


“Deal,” I said and we start playing.


He won. He beat me out of all 3 games and I was surprised because I’ve seen him play and he was never really that good but he managed to beat me. Looks like I have to buy him a chocolate bar.


“Looks like someone owes me a chocolate bar,” he smiled cutely at me before giving me a kiss on the cheek.


“Shut up,” I giggled and gently push him.


“That’s it, come here,” he smirked and tries to grab me.


“You’ll have to catch me first,” I giggled and start running.


I look back thinking that he’s far behind me but when I realize that he’s right at my tail, I screech and try to speed up. I have to admit that he is a good runner, a lot better than I expected him to be. My chest and my feet are aching but I don’t care, I don’t want Harry to catch up to me. I manage to run across the yard but then I had to stop because I was literally running out of breath. Harry comes over and wraps his arms around me, hugging me tight.


“No!” I giggled as I try to break free.


“No, I got you now,” he laughed and lifts me up onto his shoulder.


“Harry! Put me down,” I said, still laughing.


He listens and puts me down but doesn’t let me go. He leans in to give me a soft kiss on my lips and then on my nose, my cheeks, and my neck. I giggle again and try to push him off but he keeps kissing me. I never knew I was actually that kissable.


“Stop!” I playfully whined.


“Sorry,” he smiled and kisses my lips on last time.


“What time is it?” I asked.


“Almost 10,” he said, looking at his phone.


“Shit! I have to get home. My mom will kill me,” I said.


“Okay, I’ll walk you out,”


“Race you to the stairs,” I said and begin running.


I run across the yard and through the basketball court. Harry is not that far behind me but I’m still about to beat him this time. Just as I make it over to the steps, leading up the house, I stop and turn around, finding Harry on the ground. He probably tripped while he was running so I jog back over to him and help him up.


“You okay?” I asked after I pulled him back up.


“Yeah. I scrapped my knee,” he said.


I look down at his knees and they’re gushing with blood.


“Come on lets go inside. I’ll help you clean that up,” I said.


“No. I can do it. Just go home I don’t want you to get in trouble,” he said.


“I don’t care. She won’t mind if I get home a few minutes after,”


That was a lie. My mom would kill me if she saw me come home after my curfew. I’ve came home past it a few times and she would get mad. She would either take away my phone or just make me do extra chores around the house. If I’m late tonight who knows what she’ll make me do. Harry seems to believe my lie and we go inside. We go upstairs to the bathroom and he sits down on the toilet as I go to get some bandages and disinfecting stuff.


“You didn’t have to do this. I could have done this myself,” he said as I pour some of the disinfecting stuff on a cotton ball.


“It’s okay. I don’t mind,” I said. “Okay this may sting,”


Just as I pressed the cotton ball on his knee, he seethes with pain.


“I know, I know,” I said as I do his second knee.


After I finished, I get two large Band-Aids and put them on his knees. Then I help him up and we walk downstairs so I can go home.


“I’ll call you tomorrow, okay?” he said.


“Okay. It’s 10 now and I think my mom is thinking about my punishment,” I said.


“I’m sure it’s not going to be bad,” Harry said.


“I hope,” I sighed.


Harry leans in to give me a long passionate kiss and then gives me a hug. God, I wish we could just stay like this forever. Even though it’s been a few weeks, I feel happy and comfortable with him already.


“Bye,” he said.


“Bye,” I replied and walk out the door. 

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