Stole My Heart [EDITING]

--BOOK 1 OF THE STOLE MY HEART SERIES-- Mandy is a shy 16 year old girl who lives in San Diego, California with her loving, but depressed and alcoholic, mother and her 14 year old half sister. After being in a bad relationship in the past, Mandy has been afraid to fall in love again but after her 2 best friends drag her to a One Direction -the band she hates with passion- concert she meets the adorable Harry Styles, who starts to fall in love with her, and she realizes that she may be falling in love with him too. Will she be able to manage her trust issues and let him teach her how to love again, or will she push him away?


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3



Mandy's POV



Oh shit! I left my phone at the arena! I must have dropped it or left it in the bathroom before the concert started. Fuck! That's an iPhone 4S and my mom would kill me if I told her I lost it. Not to mention, it has a lot of private stuff on there; like I write in my notes and I have some inappropriate pictures of people from parties as well. Someone could get into my phone if they find it because I don't even have a passcode! God, I hate my life. 


"Jules! Turn around! I left my phone at the arena," I panicked. 


"Are you kidding me?" she sighed. 


"No, I'm not kidding," 


She sighs again and turns the car around so I can get my phone. I start to panic because I'm afraid that I might never find it. She pulls into the parking a lot of the arena and parks the car. 


"Be careful! You may run into One Direction," Julia joked.


I roll my eyes and get out of the car before shutting the door behind me. I may not even run into the boys anyway because they probably left already. I walk up the path to the venue and pull on the door but it doesn't budge. I pull a little harder. Nothing. Shit! No, no this cannot be happening! My life is in that phone. Music, everything! I try another door and pull on it but it's locked too! No! No! I guess it's time for me to secretly get a new phone. I angrily sigh and turn around and go back to the car. If I was able to get in I don't think I would be able to find it anyway because someone probably found it and took it. Not a lot of people where I'm from have iPhone 4S's.


"Looking for something?" went a voice. 


I quickly turn around and right in the corner is Harry Styles! Ugh! Him again? He starts to walk toward me and I just there with a blank expression on my face. Why is he still here? It's been a few minutes since the concert. Shouldn't he be with the others going to their next city? 


"Y-Yeah.....I-I'm looking for m-my phone," I manage to stutter out. 


He gives me a smile, showing the dimple in his left cheek. Jeez, no wonder girls like him so much because of the cheeky smile he has with that stupid dimple. I never found it cute, but right now, I think I'm changing my opinion about it. I mean, how he's smiling at me right now he kind of looks cute. 


"Oh, maybe I can help you out. My manager found an iPhone near the front row and we realized it didn't belong to any of us. Come on back with me, I'll show you," he said. 


He starts to walk back inside but I don't move. My eyes widen. I bet during the meet and greet he snuck his hand into my pocket and took my phone, making me think I dropped it, just to bring me back here and seduce me. Little pervert. No wonder he's called the 'cheeky member' of the band. 


"Well, aren't you coming or not?" he asked when he realized that I'm not following him inside. "Come on, I'm not gonna hurt you or anything, I'm just trying to help you," 


I sigh and manage to start walking. I follow behind him inside through the back door and he leads me down a hallway and into an empty dressing room. Then, he turns on the lights and goes over to a drawer. He opens the top one and I find my phone right there. I bet he's looked through it already and looked at my notes and photos. 


"Would this be your phone?" he asked with a cute smile on his face. 


I blush a little and look down at the floor. Why is this happening? I'm not supposed to like him but his flirting is making me like him. This has never happened to me before. 


"Umm...yeah...oops. I can't believe I left it here," I replied as I gently take my phone from him. 


"Well, it's a good thing you came back for it," he said. 


I nod agreeing with him. I don't know what I would do if I lost my phone and didn't come back for it. He would probably send all of my pictures to him and forward them to his friends to see, along with my notes.I would be glad if he didn't. All the stuff I have on my phone are private and are my business. Not anybody else's! I haven't showed Julia and Megan what I write. And I absolutely don't need a boy who I barely even know to look through my stuff. I mostly write about my nightmares and about how my abuse with my ex boyfriend Mason still haunts me. I don't need Harry to know that either. 


"So what's your name? I didn't have the chance to ask during the meet and greet," he asked. 


He remembers me from the meet and greet? Wow! Mostly after seeing at least 3 more girls you immediately forget about the other girls that came in already. I guess he didn't forget me, which is weird. 


"Amanda. But everyone calls me Mandy," I replied.


He nods and smiles a little. 


"Cute name," 


Okay, can he stop flirting with me? Does he know that I'm not interested in him? Well, he's being friendly and not as rude as I thought he would be. 


"Are you always this nice to the fans?" I asked him. 


I'm not exactly a fan, but I'm not a hater either. At least not anymore. I WAS at the concert, and I enjoyed myself, kinda, so that puts me in the fan category right?


"Yeah. The lads and I try to be. If they're nice to us, we're nice to them," he replied. "I sometimes invite the pretty fans into the dressing room with me after the show," 


Okay, so he is trying to seduce me. This kid is so confusing. I look at him weirdly and he puts his hands up in defense. 


"No, I don't mean it that way. I-I just...I mean....I don't sleep with any of the fans.....Neither do the other boys. I just like to talk with girls, who are know," he exclaimed.


Is he trying to say that I'm cute? No way! He's always seen with models. Not with normal looking girls like me. Why would he be calling me cute? He's probably hitting on me like he always does just because he's Harry Styles and thinks he can do whatever he wants. 


"So, where are the others?" I asked, changing the subject. 


"Oh, they're on the tour bus asleep. We have a long drive to Las Vegas tomorrow," he said. "I couldn't sleep because I kept remembering how I had someones phone with all their personal information in it and how lost they might be without it. Then I remembered meeting you during the meet and greet and thought it might be yours," 


"Well, here I am now," I replied, awkwardly.


"I would have called one of your friends on your phone to tell them that you left it here, but I didn't want you to think that I'm some stalker or something," 


"It's okay. I'm here now and I have my phone," I exclaimed, getting a little annoyed with his flirting. 


I barely even know this kid and he's trying to flirt with me. It suddenly goes to an awkward silence and I look down at the floor for a minute before looking back up again. I notice that he is staring at me with a smile on his face. Maybe he does like me. Nah, I doubt it. I'm just thinking things. 


"Well, I should go. My friends are waiting in the car and they're probably thinking that I got lost or something," I said. "It was great talking with you," 


I turn around and begin to walk away. I really need to get out of here. It's not that I didn't enjoy talking with him, really I liked talking with him I have to admit but I just want to go home.


"Wait!" he called.


I feel his soft hand immediately grab my wrist, sending electric sparks through my veins and I turn around. I look at him and his green eyes have turned from dark to light. They look so sparkly that I can see my reflection. I always thought he had nice eyes but I never knew that they were this gorgeous. 


"I have to go," I said again.


"This may sound a little weird but....can I have your number?" he asked. "I really enjoyed talking with you and I want to see you again....I mean, if you don't want to then that's fine," 


He wants my number? What the hell? He's not gonna have time to call me because he's a famous celebrity. And I bet he's just getting my number because he wants to try to get as many girls numbers as he can. Which is weird. But I never know, maybe he actually does want my number and he wants to see me again. I sigh, pretend to think it over. What the heck, he may not text me that much. 


"I guess that could be arranged," I said. 


"Cool, I'll follow you on Twitter tonight too....only if you have one," he said. 


"Yeah, it's @VasHappenin1D," 


Yep, that's right. You're probably thinking 'I thought you hate One Direction'. Nope, I have a little bit of One Direction infection. Just haven't told anyone. It's my secret. He nods and lets go of my wrist before smiling at me sweetly. I guess he's not that bad. Right? I could give him a chance if he ends up asking me out. 


"Cool. I'll follow you later and DM your number to me too," 


"Okay. That depends on if I don't fall asleep when I get home," I smiled.  


"Just DM me when you have time," he replied kindly. "I can wait,"


I nod before thanking him nicely and then walk out to the car. Julia and Megan are still in the car waiting for with blank expressions on their face. Jeez, I wonder how long I was gone. I'm actually surprised they didn't even leave without me. I guess I wasn't gone that long. They're just impatient. 


"What took you so long?" Megan asked as I get into the car. 


"Someone took me through the back of the building and I got lost on the way out," I said. 


I didn't want to tell them that Harry found me trying to get in and he took me back because then they would freak out at me for meeting him again. But they seem to believe me and Julia pulls out of the parking lot. Thank god. 


"So, did you get your phone?" Julia asked me. 


"Yeah," I replied. 


She nods and continues driving. While her and Megan talk about the concert and how perfect the boys look, I just stare out the window and try to zone them out. I don't need to listen to them talk about One Direction for the millionth time. Then, my phone screen lights up and gets a notification from Twitter. 


Twitter: @Harry_Styles follows you. 


I smile a little to myself. A celebrity is now following me. Even though I'm not really a fan but still. I feel so lucky. A few minutes later, I get another notification from Twitter, except I get a DM. 


Twitter: Message from @Harry_Styles: Hey ;) really enjoyed talking with you. Don't forget to send me your number. -H. xxxx. 


I sigh and lock my phone. I'll try to DM him back when Julia drops me off. When she finally gets to my house, I thank them for taking me to concert and I go inside my house. All the lights are off, so I guess my mom and Alicia are probably in bed now. It's midnight now. I go into the kitchen and get a drink of water so I can take my medication for my depression. Then, I go upstairs to get ready for bed because I'm exhausted. After washing off my makeup, I tie my hair up into a messy bun and change into sweats and decide to wear my t-shirt that I got at the concert. I get into bed and go on my phone and decide to DM Harry my number, just for the heck of it. I don't want him to bother me for it until I lose my mind. I set my phone down on the the charger and start to go to sleep but I hear my phone vibrate on my nightstand. I pick it up and I got a text from someone. 



From: Unknown

Hey thanks for giving me your number. Hope to see you soon ;) 



I sigh and smile. I guess he does want to stay in touch with me. I'll text him back tomorrow, I'm too tired tonight. I close my eyes and slowly but surely fall right to sleep. 

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