Stole My Heart [EDITING]

--BOOK 1 OF THE STOLE MY HEART SERIES-- Mandy is a shy 16 year old girl who lives in San Diego, California with her loving, but depressed and alcoholic, mother and her 14 year old half sister. After being in a bad relationship in the past, Mandy has been afraid to fall in love again but after her 2 best friends drag her to a One Direction -the band she hates with passion- concert she meets the adorable Harry Styles, who starts to fall in love with her, and she realizes that she may be falling in love with him too. Will she be able to manage her trust issues and let him teach her how to love again, or will she push him away?


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2


Mandy's POV



The weeks went by fast and before I knew it, it's already the night of the concert. Ugh! Julia and Megan have been reminding me for about week, along all day at school, which really got annoying but I started to not mind it. Julia and Megan are picking me up at 5 and right now it's only 4 o'clock. I just got out of the shower, but I'm still not dressed yet. I'm just laying on my bed watching TV in my sports bra and panties. I wish I could go to the concert like this but I actually do want to look a little presentable when I meet them. 


"Mandy, Julia called to let you know that they're on their way," Alicia said as she pokes her head into my room. 


What? I thought they weren't picking me up in an hour? God, I guess they couldn't wait any longer so they decided to pick me up early. I sigh and get up from my bed and go to my closet so I can get dressed. Since I have no One Direction merchandise, I put on skinny jeans and a t-shirt with a British flag on it along with an American Eagle jacket. After straightening my hair and putting on some makeup, I put on my Supra sneakers and put my phone in my pocket before going downstairs. Just as I got down there, I find Julia and Megan waiting for me. They're wearing their One Direction t-shirts, One Direction bracelets and necklaces, jean shorts, and white converse sneakers. God, they're so obsessed, but I don't blame them. 


"Where's your One Direction t-shirt?" Julia asked. 


"I don't have one," I replied. 


"Yes you do, I gave you one on your birthday," 


Oh yeah. For my 16th birthday, Julia gave me a One Direction t-shirt just to see my reaction. I wanted to burn it, but I just kept it anyway just to make her happy. 


"Okay, whatever. And why are you guys here so early?" I asked. 


"We want to get there early so we can be the first in line to meet the boys," Megan exclaimed. 


"You're crazy. We're not going to be first in line. Fans with meet and greets were probably camping out there since yesterday, so it may be impossible," I said. 


Which is true actually. When I was 7, when I went to see NSYNC in concert, I wanted to go meet them so my mom thought it would be a good idea if we arrived at the arena early. Once we got there, there were already fans lined up because most of them camped outside of the arena the night before the concert. And guess who never got to meet NSYNC that! I remember I was upset but I got over it once the concert started. 


"You never know, we may be the first ones," Julia said. 


"Doubt it," I said. 


"But lets just go anyway!"


"Okay. Just don't come crying to me if we're not the first ones," I sighed. "Alicia! I'm leaving now!" 


"Okay! See you later!" she called back. 


I follow Julia and Megan outside and we get into the car. I sit in the backseat and I was surprised that I didn't find any posters and banners back here. Julia and Megan always talked about holding up a sign for the boys at a concert but I guess they didn't want to or I guess they realized that arenas don't allow posters anymore. During the whole ride over to the arena, Julia and Megan kept playing the Up All Night album over and over again and singing at the top of their lungs. I zone it out by looking out the window and watch the cars zoom passed us.


I know that sounds lame but I have nothing else to do. I'm being forced to go to a One Direction concert and I don't really like them that much. I mean, they have good music and all I'm just obsessed like all their other fans are. Julia and Megan don't know because all they're going to say is 'We knew you liked them!' so I'm just keeping it a secret with just myself. When we arrived at the arena, it was already packed! Fans with Ultimate VIP passes are lined up by the door waiting to go inside. 


"See I told you we weren't going to be the first ones!" I said to Julia and Megan as we get out of the car. 


"Shut up! Lets just get in line," Julia sighed. 


I follow behind them and they literally hurry to the back of the line. It's really loud from all the girls waiting and some are screaming, singing One Direction at the top of their lungs, and all that other stuff. The line seems to move fast inside and then suddenly I realize that we're almost close to the boys. Tons of girls are crying as they come up to the boys but they don't really seem to mind. I guess because they've seen this so many times. 


"We're almost close!" Megan squealed with happiness. 


"I'm not gonna get in the picture if you two are gonna scream and cry," I exclaimed to them. 


"We won't! We promise," Julia replied quickly. 


Yeah. You better be serious. When it was finally our turn, Julia and Megan go over to the boys and start talking with them and the boys seemed like they enjoyed talking to them. I just smile shyly and wait until they finish talking. I just want to get our picture taken and get out of here. I'm already getting tired of this now. They've been talking with them for almost 15 minutes. Come on! This isn't chit chat with One Direction, it's a MEET AND GREET! It's supposed to be a brief hello, picture, and out the door to your seats. Once they finally finished talking, we finally get next to them to take a picture. I didn't notice who I was standing next to until I I look over and I realize I'm standing next to Harry.


He looks back at me and smiles a little back at me and puts his hand around my waist. Then, I feel my heart pound in my chest and butterflies in my stomach. Oh my god, Harry Styles is touching me! I feel - no stop it Mandy! He's just a normal guy. Yeah, he's cute but I don't want him or anything. After a few pictures were taken, we say goodbye to the boys and walk out to go to our seats. While Julia and Megan walk in ahead of me, I stop and look back at the boys. All of them are looking fine tonight but the one member I can't take my eyes off of is Harry and I don't know why. 


I take a look at him and he's not as bad looking as I thought he was. His curly brown hair is tousled perfectly, he's wearing a white t-shirt and black skinny jeans, and white converse sneakers. I continue to stare at him and then all of a sudden he looks over at me. My heart quickly pounds some more and I look down at the floor before looking up again. He smiles at me and waves. I smile a little and wave back. Why is this happening to me? Why am I getting this feeling? I don't like him! I don't like any of them. But at the same time I still find Harry attractive. 


"Mandy?" went Julia's voice.


I quickly snap out of it and I find her come running over to me. 


"Oh, there you are. Come on," she said and pulls me behind her. 


I look back at Harry one more time and he's no longer looking at me anymore. He's busy with other fans who are coming in. I sigh and turn my head back. 


"Megan and I were talking and then we turn around realizing you were gone. What happened?" she continued. 


"Um....I had to go to the bathroom and I didn't know where to go," I replied, obviously lying.


She seems to believe me and then we finally get to our seats. I seem to make it through the soundcheck and then we wait for the show to start. 


"So how do you feel now Mandy? You like One Direction?" Megan asked me.


"Eh, I guess so. They're okay," I replied. 


"I saw Harry looking at you before got our photo taken. I think he might like you," 


Bullshit! I highly doubt Harry would like me. He likes older women and models. And me, I'm not over 20 and I'm not a model, so I'll never have a chance with him. But if I do, it may not last long because all he's gonna do is just use me and cheat on me. Which I bet he does with every girl he's with.  A few minutes later the whole arena starts to get PACKED with fans. Including little 9 year olds with 'I Heart Harry' shirts on. Like do they even know any of the boys in the band. Fake fans. Yeah, I know who the fake fans are because Julia and Megan. I learn a lot from them. By the time the show started, the crowd goes NUTS! Like literally! Every time they show one of the boys on the screen. The boys run onto the stage and they start singing the opening song, Na, Na, Na. I think that's what it's called. Whatever. 


'But then I'm crawling back begging you to stay. We make up then we break up all the time'




'S-Some people say it's so wrong but even when we fight, girl you turn me on. We make up then we break up all the time'


Sigh. This is going to be a long night. The song continues on and then when it ended, the lights on the stage go off for a few minutes and then come back on for their next song, Stand Up. This is only song I actually like on the whole Up All Night album. 


'From the moment I met you, everything changed. I knew I had to get you, whatever the pain.' 


I look over at Julia and Megan and they're singing along with the boys just like the rest of the crowd is doing. I start to mumble some of the words but when Julia glares at me, I quickly stop. She and Megan have no idea that I know this song because if they do, they'll be all like 'I knew you liked them all along!'. 


"You having fun?" Julia asked me. 


"I guess," I replied and continue watching the rest of show. 





The rest of the show goes by slowly and they finishing up their last song; I Want. The boys are on the stage in tuxedos and behind them is a table with 5 chairs and chandeliers above them, making it look like we're at a dinner party. It's weird but I have to admit that they look kind of attractive in tuxedos. Then, the song ends and the crowd start screaming. When the boys walk off the stage, the lights go back up and the people start filing out quickly. Julia, Megan, and I walk past security and go out to the car. 


"So, did you have fun?" Megan asked me. 


"Yeah, I guess. They're not that bad," I replied. 


"Do you have more respect for them now?" Julia asked me. 


I sigh. I've always had respect for them. I just don't like all of their music. Yeah, I may know some and I changed my opinion about their looks, but still. We finally get to the car and Julia unlocks the door. I just want to go home and sleep now. I'm exhausted now. Concerts really do tire you out. Just as Julia starts driving out of the parking lot, I reach into my pocket for my phone to see anyone texted me while I was at the concert. Just as I slip my hand in my left pocket, I don't feel my phone. My heart pounds and I check my other pocket. Not there either. 


"Julia? Megan? Have you seen my phone?" I asked. 


"No. Didn't you have it with you during the concert?" 


Oh my god! 

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