Justin Bieber-Never Say Never,The story of Jusitn Bieber.

This is my competition entry,For the Justin Bieber competiton.Hope you like it!


2. Getting Discovered

Pattie,Justin's mother was getting phone calls saying "there's this man named Scooter Braun trying to reach you" Scooter had got hold of Justin's Great Aunt,The school board and the Avon theatre.Pattie went to a computer phone and called Scooter from an unknown number.Scooter said "Come to Atlanta for a week,And if you dont like it,or dont want to sign with us,You get a free vacation out of it and back to life as usual"So They flew out to Atlanta and met Scooter.Justin was standing in a Parking Lot and saw a big car pull up,When Usher gets out.Justin ran straight up to Usher and said "Man,I'm one of you'r biggest fans,Can I sing one of you'r songs to you?" And all Usher said was "You know,It's cold outside,Buddy dont worry about it.

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