Justin Bieber-Never Say Never,The story of Jusitn Bieber.

This is my competition entry,For the Justin Bieber competiton.Hope you like it!


1. Growing Up!

Hi,This is Justin Bieber Never say Never,Like the movie only a book,Enjoy!


When Justin's mother,Pattie Mallette,Had Justin She was only 18.While Justin Was growing up,Pattie didn't always have enough money to feed Justin Or sometimes clothe him.

When Justin got older he had to steal clothes from his school lost and found box,So of course he didn't have the best of clothes.

Justin Lived in Stratford,Ontario,Canada and when he was growing up he sat on the steps of the Avon Theatre and played his guitar and sang to get some extra money if he could.Justin didn't know he was one day going to be a world famous superstar.He entered a competition called Stratford Idol.Justin had family who live in different provinces who wanted to hear him sing,Justin's mother,Pattie had recorded some videos of Justin Singing,and at this time Justin was playing around on YouTube and said "Why dont we just put it up on there,then send them the link" The next thing the knew,they were getting views from strangers requesting more songs.

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