As long as you love me


1. not fun stuff

   Nobody cares about me. Just because I like Justin beiber and they don't. Everyone hates me. Even my teachers. I just wish i could fly off to a secret place and have Justin there with me.

   " I CAN'T GO TO SCHOOL LIKE THIS" I screamed at my mom "THEY HATE ME" "oh  now you know they don't. There just angery and they need somone to take it out on."  my mom pointed out. She was doing my hair trying to cover up a giant scar that I got yesterday when the popular girl told her boyfriend to tourcher me. He took me and slamed my head aginst the locker a bunch of times even when it started bleeding like crazy he kept doing it. It felt like a knife was going into my skin. But worse.

  I walked into the classroom I could see the poplular girl. Rachel. wearing a cute sppigetti strap Abrecrobie dress, with high-heeled toms that showed her toes. I was in 7th grade.



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