True Passion, True Love...

Eleanor Calder is living her life a lie. Her passion for music seems to stay a dream but will that change when she meets a certain Louis Tomlinson...
Will she be able to change the life of her mother and brother who's being held hostage by her evil stepfather?
Can she trust Louis or is he just another jerk?
The answers lie inside this book...


3. Same Mistakes


As we shared funny and embarrassing stories I noticed Eleanor staring worriedly at the clock a lot. I leaned sideways so my head was close to hers and I whispered, 

"Whats up love?" She jumped a bit but smiled a small smile when she saw it was me. There was someone that was scaring her, I could tell. 

Her curly hair, which was a bit like Harry's, fell forward as she blushed and said nothing. With that a idea popped into my head. 

Speaking to everyone I announced my idea and they all nodded their head in agreement. Eleanor hesitated at first with that same terrified look in her eye but gave up in the end when we all showed off our innocent puppy eyes, especially when she saw Liam's. 

So after taking our cash and putting it behind the counter, she locked up the bakery. 

We set off. 

To go to the club... 


I knew it was a bad idea. 

I knew I shouldn't have agreed. 

But they just had to stare at me so innocently. 

God damn Louis' eyes. His crystal eyes shined back when I tried to disagree. 

But who am I kidding? 

Who can resist those eyes? Not those millions of screaming fans. 

Man do I make the same mistakes because when we walked inside the club, I wished I was anywhere but there. 

Because the person who greeted me wasn't someone I love best. 

In fact, he wasn't even close...



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