True Passion, True Love...

Eleanor Calder is living her life a lie. Her passion for music seems to stay a dream but will that change when she meets a certain Louis Tomlinson...
Will she be able to change the life of her mother and brother who's being held hostage by her evil stepfather?
Can she trust Louis or is he just another jerk?
The answers lie inside this book...


2. Moments



Niall coughed. He had a habit of interrupting happy moments. But for this one time I was actually thankful If their hug lasted any longer I might have punched my best friend. Crazy, huh? 

"If you guys don't mind, can you introduce us to this girl after we eat?"

"Oh okay, well guys this is El-" Harry started.

"I said after," Niall interrupted just before his tummy rumbled loudly. Everyone laughed.

Apart from me.

Trust Niall to mess up everything again. I mean, I was so close to finding out what this perfect girls name was.

She took our order and headed into the kitchen. As soon as she was out of earshot, Zayn nudged me and smirked before he whispered, 

"Does someone have a crush?"

I blushed.

Me blushing only meant one thing.

I was in love.

Accidentally saying those 4 words out loud caused Harry to look at me and smirk as well.

"I knew you liked her. When I hugged her, you should've seen your face, there was jealousy written all over it." Harry teased.

Niall sniggered and Liam smiled to himself which made me go even redder.

The gorgeous girl had to walk in just then with the tasty looking cakes. 

She looked at me, concerned and went,"Louis do you need me to open the windows? You've gone all red."

Niall, Harry, Zayn and even Liam started to crack up with laughter. They just loved embarrassing me, didn't they?

"I'm alright, love,"

I wouldn't have blamed her for being so awkward. I mean she didn't even know the joke. Not that it was a joke. These guys just didn't know when I was being serious.

To break the silence, I shouted, "THERE'S CARROTS IN A CAKE!!!"

She just laughed that adorable laugh of hers as I scoffed down my cake. When we finished, Harry chose the moment to introduce us to the girl I had fallen in love with.Finally!


"Guys this is Eleanor," Harry started, "Eleanor this is Liam..."

I said hi.

"Nice to meet you," He replied politely.

I'm guessing he's the 'Daddy Direction'.

"...this is Niall..."

"Hi," He said between mouthfuls of crisps in his cute irish accent.

Probably the leprechaun who eats a lot.


"Vas Happenin' ?!"

I laughed and greeted him back the same way. I heard he was the 'Vain One'.

"...And last but not least, this is Louis."

"Yep Hazza, I'm definitely not least you saved the best till last actually!" Louis shouted. I looked into those handsome chocolate brown eyes and smiled. I had to admit that Louis was the hottest out of all of them. But I couldn't possibly like him although I was crushing on him. He was way out of my league, famous and he wouldn't love me back. I was positive about that.

Before I knew it he was crashing me into a big hug and screaming, 


"Um, yeah, Why? Is it such a big deal?"

I heard Harry snort with laughter.


"No just could you get off me first? Your kinda squashing me..."

"Oh sorry I hadn't noticed," Louis said.

This made the others start laughing again and Louis went as red as tomato. 

Aww, he was blushing.

"No problem," I said and we shared a private smile.

I could've stayed like that forever but I knew he wouldn't like it. 

As I look back down, I sigh. It could've been one of those special moments. 

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