True Passion, True Love...

Eleanor Calder is living her life a lie. Her passion for music seems to stay a dream but will that change when she meets a certain Louis Tomlinson...
Will she be able to change the life of her mother and brother who's being held hostage by her evil stepfather?
Can she trust Louis or is he just another jerk?
The answers lie inside this book...


1. I Wish...


His voice filled the air as he towered over me. I could see my brother out of the corner of my eye. His eyes filled with tears because he knew as soon as I was out of the door Jack,  our stepfather would torture him like every night. It was painful to think about."YOU WILL COME HOME IMMEDIATELY AFTER WORK, I EXPECT YOU HERE AT 10:00 SHARP!!!" He shouted and pulled me out of my thoughts, "UNDERSTAND?!

I nodded my head several times as quick as I could and was out of the door before he could say anything else. I guess I couldn't play on the guitar today. You see other than the delicious cakes and my co-worker, Sam, short for Samantha, the only good thing about working at the bakery was the guitar upstairs.

When I was little my father still used to live here and he worked in this bakery. He showed and taught me how to play the guitar, that was before he died.

Now he was gone and no on could save us from Jack.

Apart from me.

But I was weak and couldn't face everything. Playing the guitar made me forget all those worries for just a while. The guitar was what made my life have a tiny spark to it.        It was music.

The music swept me up and took me to my own little, magical world.                       The melody didn't feel like just music.

As I entered bakery the smell of mouthwatering, fresh cakes wafted in the air.

"Hey Sam,"

"Hey El," She said," You going to play today?"

"Can't" I sighed.

 "Oh," She understood that she shouldn't cross over the line and I liked her for that. 

After a few hours of working in silence it was time to close up. We heard the bell ring signalling someone had come in. Sam groaned.

"You go, I'll take care of this order," I said.

"You sure?"

I nodded. I knew I was risking it but I didn't care for once. Sam gave me a hug and rushed out into the dark street as I walked out of the counter to see who had come in. In front of me stood 5 boys drenched from the rain. One I recognized.


After listening to Niall complain for like hours we found a little bakery in the town that was open. I saw Harrys and Nialls eyes light up. Niall, I under stood bot Harry didn't get that excited about food. Must be something else about it.

As we entered the shop we heard a groan and some murmuring. Soon after one of the employees left she looked around our age. The the other came out and it was like love at first sight. Of course I don't believe its ever true but I could make a exception this one time.

The way her hair was in a messy bun looked so cute. Her beautiful hazel eyes lightened up at the sight of us.  But she was only staring at one of us. Which wasn't me. It was Harry.

It was Harry she was staring at.

It was was Harry that she was hugging.

Not me.

She was happy because of Harry.

Oh, how I wish that was me.


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