The World Of Shaun

A short story about a boy called Shaun who gets trapped in his school when he stays too late training in the gym.

He finds himself trapped with creepy happenings going on...


1. The Training

It was late Friday afternoon and school had just finished but for one boy named Shaun school was all but finished. It was the last day of the term and it was almost Halloween. In fact It was only two days untill Halloween but what Shaun wasn't expecting was getting locked in the school. In only two days Shaun had a county Halloween sports event so after school he went to the gym to train vigorously. He was training for hours and he had lost track of time and the school had been locked. "HELP" He screamed over and over banging on the door as he did so. After a while he gave up and slid his back down the bright blue doors to his school.

"It's no good" he muttered to himself " Ill have to just sit it out for a week and hope i might get out sooner."

So after a while he went to back to the hiking cupboard to see if there was a sleeping bag. There was. So he went and set up cant in the gym. While setting down hes sleeping bag he noticed something moving from the corner of the room. So he walked over there to see what it was.

"H-h-h-hello" he said suddenly creeped out "is anyone there."


A/N Only the first part a bit ofuspence at the end.

I will be posting more soon thanks for reading the first chapter.

P.S All of my other chapters will be longer its just i wanted to end my first chapter quickly to see if anyone liked it.

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