Kaileigh wasn't any ordinary 17 year old.She was very strong.But something horrible happens to her.But then good comes to her.What is the bad?What is the good?You shall find out...


1. I was Amazing

You may think I am just any normal 17 year old.Nope.Your wrong.I am amazingly strong.I have very strong vocal cords.Does not mean I don't to normal things.Oh,how rude of me.My name is Kaileigh.My best friend is Heather.She is amazed by how I am so strong.I guess a lot of people are. Oh well.My favorite boy band is One Direction.I love them,especially Niall. He is so hot.His personality is so grand.I wish I could meet him.Even though the boys only lives 2 miles away,I could never meet them.Oh well. Anyways,I am going to gym.Everything was great.Until I fell and broke my leg.It hurts.My mum said I won't be able to do gym.Great.Just great.  

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