5 directions

18 year old star, Kammi James helps her best friend, Jorden. little brothers band become famous. She succeeds and the band,one direction, becomes more famous than herself. the band has millions of fans all over the world and are the most famous thing around. but when the entire band falls for Kammi everything goes wrong. She loves them all but she loves one specific boy the most and when the other guys find out the band splits and they all go their own ways! Now Kammi is being tweeted nasty things and all her fans hate her for what she did. Kammi decides she has to get the band back together,but how? with a little help from Jorden and her best guy friend, the biebs, the band is back together soon enough, but after the one Kammi loved goes missing... everyone becomes a suspect.


2. musical difficulties

        "So, basically you guys are gonna write a song for me and at my next concert you guys will be my special guest". I said to the guys. "One tiny problem,we don't know how to write a song" Liam,the sensitive,smart, cute one said. I looked at the boys then directly at Harry. " You guys never wrote one song but yet you call yourselves a band?" I asked. "Yeah" they said in unison. I dropped my head into my hands and sighed. "Would it be okay if i helped them write a song, i mean i did help you write your songs." Jorden asked me. I just nodded.The boys all screamed with joy. "Thank you Jorden!" Louis,the outgoing,funny,adorable one shouted. "You guys have fun with this assignment and i'll see you later." I said as I walked out of the house and down those wooden steps to my car. I could hear Jorden starting to throw out ideas for the beat of the song but, the guys declined them all. I put the car in reverse and backed out of Jorden's gravel driveway. I turned up the radio and to my suprise i heard one of my songs playing. I screamed with excitement. I grabbed my iphone and sent Jorden a text,"OMG Louder is on 107.9!!" I pulled in my driveway and got out of the car. "Bzzz,bzzz" I slid the open button over and read the message. "This is going to be a challenge, these boys won't listen!" I started wonderig if these boys would be able to pull it off. I hope so i'm counting on them, i thought.I felt like crying, why did i think they could do it I should've known better than to do  anything drastic without being totally positive. I walked upstairs and threw myself on my bed. I called my agent to see about holding Selena to be my opener until I'm positive these boys can do this. "I'll try but,I'm making no promises." He said sternly.

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