5 directions

18 year old star, Kammi James helps her best friend, Jorden. little brothers band become famous. She succeeds and the band,one direction, becomes more famous than herself. the band has millions of fans all over the world and are the most famous thing around. but when the entire band falls for Kammi everything goes wrong. She loves them all but she loves one specific boy the most and when the other guys find out the band splits and they all go their own ways! Now Kammi is being tweeted nasty things and all her fans hate her for what she did. Kammi decides she has to get the band back together,but how? with a little help from Jorden and her best guy friend, the biebs, the band is back together soon enough, but after the one Kammi loved goes missing... everyone becomes a suspect.


3. Falling

           I was relieved when my agent called back the next morning to tell me that Selena would keep her schedule open for my concert!Thank god, i thought. I had an interview with a radio station later today, so i relaxed most of the day. Then my doorbell rang around 3:00. I was watching Halloween so I jumped when I heard it ring and popcorn fell all over the floor. "Who is it?" i yelled as i walked towards the door. " It's Harry and the guys." Harry replied. I twisted the golden doorhandle of my oak wood door and let them in."Hey Kammi, where's the kitchen?" Niall, the dirty blonde, cute, irish one asked as he pushed his way through the door. " Straight ahead." I  said pointing in the direction of where my kitchen was located." Hello, lovely Kammi." Louis said while entering my house. Liam gave a shy smile and said hello and Zayn kissed my hand and entered my home along with the other boys. " So.. um what can i help you guys with?" i asked  curious on why they showed up to my house uninvited. " Are we interuppting something?" Niall asked while shoving a half cooked hot dog down his throat. I stuttered angrily,"n-no." As i looked around the room i seen Zayn whispering in Louis' ear. i couldn't hear what he was saying though. It almost sounded as if Zayn said he was falling for me. When he seen i was looking his way he smiled nervously and muttered something under his breath. " I hope she didn't hear that", is what it sounded like from a distance. Could it be true, could the dark haired  cutie be falling for me? In a way i hoped it was true but, Niall the irish one was more my type and i loved his accent and his looks! This can't be happening to me!  The boys stayed and watched the movie with me and then they left and I went to my interview. By 8:00 i was extremely tired and i fell asleep on the couch.

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