5 directions

18 year old star, Kammi James helps her best friend, Jorden. little brothers band become famous. She succeeds and the band,one direction, becomes more famous than herself. the band has millions of fans all over the world and are the most famous thing around. but when the entire band falls for Kammi everything goes wrong. She loves them all but she loves one specific boy the most and when the other guys find out the band splits and they all go their own ways! Now Kammi is being tweeted nasty things and all her fans hate her for what she did. Kammi decides she has to get the band back together,but how? with a little help from Jorden and her best guy friend, the biebs, the band is back together soon enough, but after the one Kammi loved goes missing... everyone becomes a suspect.


1. The boys.

                 "Beep,beep,beep" I rolled over and pressed the snooze button on my alarm clock. I rolled over again and tried to go back to sleep for a little while. "Beep,beep,beep", my stupid alarm clock went off again within 5 minutes. I finally sucked it up and rolled out of bed. As I got up and looked at the time i realized i was supposed to be meeting Harry's band at 12:30pm. Considering it was already 12:00 instead of taking a shower i just washed my dirty blonde hair. Afterwards i hurriedly ran to my closet and put on a grey short sleeve with a white tank top underneath and blue skinny jeans with my favorite white knee high boots. I brushed my hair out as quickly as possible,pulling some of my hair out on accident. I tossed my hair in a messy bun and ran down the steps to grab my iphone,purse and the keys to my black dodge charger. I was only 10 minutes late and Jorden and Harry didn't seem too upset. " Finally, what took so long" Jorden asked as we walked up the wooden steps of her front porch. "Sorry, i was tired and forgot i was supposed to be meeting the boys" i said following her into her living room. As we walked in the house i saw 5 great looking 18 year olds sitting on her leather couch. " hello,lad" the one with dirty blonde hair said as i sat down on the other couch . "Hey,guys" i replied. Harry introduced me to the handsome boys and we started talking business.

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