Beach day

"Rachel who's that?!". Read it to find out. There will be drama, breakups, cheating, and getting back togethers.


17. WHAT?!?!



I wake up and have that puking feeling I go in the bathroom and feel somebody put my hair in a pony tail  "Babe are you okay?" I shake my head.  "But I'll be fine." "Okay" Niall helps me up. I walk to the couch and say to the girls "I think I'm pregnant." They all gasp. "DONT TELL THE BOYS" I whisper yell. They nod. "I'm going to get some pregnancy tests from the store" I say. I go to the store and pick them up, I speed home and drag the girls into the bathroom. I look up its positive."ITS POSITIVE!" I shout. "What's positive" Liam says from outside the door. "Nothing" I say.  "Guys I don't know if the baby is Harry's or Niall's " I say in tears.  They gasp. 


I walk out and into me and Niall's room crying. "Whats wrong love" Niall says.  I take his hands and kiss him.  "I'm pregnant" I whisper.  "What?!?!" "THATS GREAT!!" He says kissing me.

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