Beach day

"Rachel who's that?!". Read it to find out. There will be drama, breakups, cheating, and getting back togethers.


18. The wedding



All of us are packing for the wedding.  It's in two days.  We are all done packing and we lock the door and pile into a big van they have.  It is a hour drive to the airport.  We get our tickets and get on the plane.  I squeeze Niall's hand and he chuckles as the plane takes off. 16 hour flight. OMG.  We all pretty much sleep the whole flight.  We got up early to pack.  


"Babe wake up" "Whhhhhhhhaaaaaatt" I moan. Then I feel us landing.OKAY.  We get off the plane getting our stuff.  We rented a beach house there in front of the ocean and we unpack.  It is like 1 in the morning so me and Niall say I love you and go to sleep.  

I wake up to birds chirping, I kiss Niall and he wakes up and smiles at me.  "Tomorrow is our wedding babe" I exclaim. I walk down stairs to see Zayn and Perri up.  We were eating eggs and bacon.  Everybody comes in the kitchen like 30 minutes later.  I stand up to put my plate in the sink and Zayn asks "Whats that" pointing to my stomach, shoot! my baby bump is growing.  I look at everybody. Niall comes and put his hand on my stomach.  I take a breath. "I'm Pregnant." I say "But I dont know who the father is" I say nervously.  I look at Harry. Niall looks mad. Niall drags me out of the house driving to the hospital. They do an x-ray and ultra sound.  The doctor says "I'll call you in an hour to tell the dad. And it is a baby boy." He says "Thanks" Me and Niall say.


                                             ~1 hour later~


RING RING! My phone screams. "Hello" I say putting it on speaker with everybody sitting next to me.  "Yes hello is this Rachel Rose Lila?"  "Yes" I say.  "The father is........Niall Horan. " I exclaim "Okay thanks!!!"  I hug Niall.  And I says "I love you" "I love you too" He says.  "Anyway, people its a boy and we are gonna name him.....  William !!!" They nod happily.  It is lunch time and  I'm cooking for once.  I make mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. I give everybody their food and sit down outside in front of the big ocean. Niall comes and sits on my lap and I scream "NIALL AHH" then he of course, flips the chair over. We both were laughing so hard.   I got changed into my bikini and he gets changed into his swimming trunks and he feels my belly.  William kicks and I say "I think Will wants you to take your hand off" I chuckle. We both dive into the clear waters. We swim until  dinner..


We eat and walk into the living room and see Sam and Harry kissing. "Hahahahha see you two are now dating" I chuckle.  Me and Niall go into our bedroom and cuddle and watch movies.  I say "I love you so much you cant even imagine" " I love you too" he says, I chuckle.  We drift off to sleep. 


In the morning we wake up at 8 and he gets his tux on and I get my white strapless dress with flowers at the top.  I step in it and Niall zips it up.  "Niall I dont have a dad so does my uncle walk me up instead?"  "Yeah i guess but dont worry it will be ok".  I nod.  I put on my vale and see the girls "You look beautiful" they all say.  I picked all of them to be my brides mates.  We drive there and 30 minutes later everybody arrives.  It is a little hut in front of the ocean.  The flower girl throws the petals and my uncle Andrew walks me down the aisle.  I smile at Niall and he smiles back.  The priest or who ever blabs and finally I say "I do" he says "I do" We exchange rings and the man says "You may kiss the bride" We kiss and tears of joy fill my eyes. We party and go home. And go to bed.  

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