Beach day

"Rachel who's that?!". Read it to find out. There will be drama, breakups, cheating, and getting back togethers.


6. The story



Sam was out of the hospital so we went to their house.  We had dinner, watched all the Toy Story movies (Liam's choice) and had fun.   "Guys it's 12 pm do want us to take you home?" Harry asked " Sure" Me and Sam said.

 We drove to my house and saw the worst thing ever it was in flames.  My eyes  were tearing up.  THE STUPID CANDLE CAUSED IT!  Everbody waited for my emotion.  Niall called 911 and said: " HELLO EMERGENCY UM... MY FRIENDS HOUSE IS ON FIRE" Then he said my address and the fire truck and the cops came.  But they got out of the fire only my NOTHING.  We drove away and called insurance.  And I found out I have none.  "Guys I have no family members all of them live in California and we are in England and my mom and dad are dead they died from a fire too when I was 16 and I refused to have foster parents."

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