Beach day

"Rachel who's that?!". Read it to find out. There will be drama, breakups, cheating, and getting back togethers.


15. Telling them



Me and Rachel walk in to the boys and girls on the couch. "Guys" Rachel says. "Yes" they say.  "Me and Rachel are engaged!!!!"  I exclaimed "YAY!!" they all said even Harry.  Rachel and I walk to our room and lie down we just plan our wedding.  The list says so far:


                                           OUR WEDDING

Cake:chocolate cake

Color of decorations: yellow and orange

Place of wedding:hawaii


Date:Valentines Day



I turned off the lamp and set the papers down.   I wrapped my arms around her and put my hands on her stomach. "I love you baby" I said "I love you too babe" Rachel says. Then I drift off dreaming about our wedding.

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