Beach day

"Rachel who's that?!". Read it to find out. There will be drama, breakups, cheating, and getting back togethers.


11. Heart Attack




"Ring! Ring!" My cellphone screams waking me and Harry up.  

"Hello" I say  

"Hi is this Rachel Lila?" The lady says

"Yes" I say.  

"Your friend Samantha Andrews is in the hospital caused from a heart attack room 127 top floor shes can be visited in a hour."  I hung up and shouted to Harry

"SAMS IN THE HOSPITAL" I said and ran to Harry's car, he got in the drivers seat and drove really fast to the hospital.

 I took the elevator up to the top and Harry found 127. I raced in the door and dragged Harry with me. "SAM"  I yelled, she was awake "R-rrrr-achellllllll" she said softly she didnt sound so good.  The nurse came in and with Liam and Dani.  "Oh my god now I can see why you rushed out of the house" Danielle said.  "I told you Dani"  Liam said.   The nurse walked back in and he handed me heart pain pills and said "Take 2 a day 3 is okay if needed. And your good to go." 




I called Lou. "Lou, hi get like a get well gift for Sam, she had a heart attack.  I whispered. Lou gasped. "Okay, BOYS,PERRI, ELEANOR? YES? We have to go out to get a gift for Sam she had a heart attack"  Lou said like it was casual.  "Okay Bye" Lou said hanging up. 


We get in the car and drive home.  Everybody is home except Zayn, Perri, Lou, and Eleanor.  


                              ~20 minutes later~




Zayn, Perri, Lou, and Eleanor get home and they have a gift. They hand it to me "Guys you shouldn't have" I exclaimed.  They all smirked.  I went up to Zayn, Perri just talking to the Dani and El and whisper in his ear "I forgive you" and he backs away and hugs me.  I open my present and see its one of those packages with the hand cream, body wash,  shower puff, and nail filers.

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