Beach day

"Rachel who's that?!". Read it to find out. There will be drama, breakups, cheating, and getting back togethers.


12. Girls day



I walk into Zayn's bathroom and curl my hair and put it into a pony tail putting a grey flower in it.  I walk to me and Zayn's walk in closet and pull out a grey v-neck t-shirt and lime green leggings.  Zayn walks in and kisses me. "Mornin' love"  He says "Morning" I whisper.  I get changed and walk downstairs.   


"Hi Sam" I say.  "Like your outfit" I add.  "Thanks I like yours too."  she replied.


Sam was wearing a blue and red tie-dye shirt with red pants and a blue flower in her hair and her hair is down.

Rachel, El, and Dani come down stairs.  Rachel has  orange shorts and a white and orange striped shirt.  With her hair in a bun.  El is wearing gold top with cheetah shorts.  She has her hair in a braid.  Dani is wearing a brown t-shirt with maroon pants with brown polka dots.  She has her hair down. 


"How about we go to starbucks to talk and eat for lunch?" I say. "Sure" they all say. 





It's 12:00 pm and me and the girls are leaving the lazy boys a note I write :



Dear Liam, Zayn, Niall, Lou, and Harry,


We are going to starbucks.  We will be back. 



Dani, El, Rach, Sam, and Per.



We get in my car and drive to the nearest Starbucks.  Once we get there we each get a chocolate chip cookie and get our coffee.  Sam gets a Cafe Mocha. I get a Caffe Latte.  Dani gets a Cappuccino .  Perri gets a Frappuccino and Rachel gets hot chocolate.

 We sit down and talk about random things.  We walk outside and we get mobbed by fans and paps but we make it home cause we ran.







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