Zayn Malik; Dont Make Promises

Zayn and Jamie have known eachother since grade 3. But, it seems when he promises to love Jamie forever, Perrie gets in the way.


3. *♥*

Jamies POV

Why? Why do I let him do this? This shouldn't hurt as much as it does. We all stay in a flat together, so now I guess there's literally no escaping him.

"Babe, can I come in?" Harry says, as he opens the door slowly. I wipe the tears from my lower eye, and just nod. Unsure if he can see me or not. Yet, I honestly don't care.

"You honestly shouldn't let him hurt you. He's just caught up in a crush. It's making him mad in the head." He sits down, putting his hand on mine. I notice his face is swollen. His nose has a trace that it had been bleeding.

"Oh my God, Harry!" I say, gasping. "What the fuck happened!?" Suddenly, I'm angry. I can't find out why, I just am.

"Oh. Uh. Zayn may, or may not have punched me."

"WHY THE FUCK DID HE PUNCH YOU." It wasn't a question, it was a statement. First, he forgets about me, then walks in and acts like nothing happened. Then, he decides he's just going to punch one of his best mates in the face? All in the matter of walking through the door?

"Where is he?" My blood has a higher temperature, as it begins to boil.

"James, don't get so mad. Plus, he's gone now. He's left. Along with Perrie." He says, wrapping his arms around me, intending to make me at least a decimal calmer. I slowly fall asleep, as his chest rises and falls, along with my head.







Harrys POV

Jamie falls asleep on my chest. For some reason it feels right. Everyone but Zayn, and her know I'm in love with her. It's obvious. Zayn would be way past mad if he even found out I had told her about what he did to me. But, he's the asshole. Why would he hurt her? She doesn't deserve to be hurt by him, just as he doesn't deserve her.






*~ forgive me i'm trying to find, my calling i'm calling at night. i don't mean to be a bother, but have you seen this girl? she's been running through my dreams. and it's been driving me crazy it seems. i'm gonna ask her to marry me. -remembering sunday, all time low. ♥ ~* 

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