Zayn Malik; Dont Make Promises

Zayn and Jamie have known eachother since grade 3. But, it seems when he promises to love Jamie forever, Perrie gets in the way.


2. Mistakes

Jamie's POV
I was waiting for Zayn to pick me up. It had been almost 2 hours, and I was about to give up on waiting. He promised he'd take me to the carnival. I mean, I never see him anymore. It's been work, and his new girlfriend. Speaking of the devil, right then the front door slammed. I heard giggling. "Thanks so much Zayn!"
That was Perrie....why was she thanking Zayn?
"I'm so glad you're happy, love."
"The carnival was so fun!" Perrie and Zayn walked into the living room right then, which is where I was waiting. Silently.
"Good, I-" Zayn looked me straight in the eye.
"Oh my, Jamie! I'm so sorry! I totally forgot. I apologize!"
"Oh, save it." I was wiping away tears, as I stomped into my room. All I wanted was sleep now.

Zayn's POV
I feel terrible about what I did to Jamie. I really do. I hated seeing her cry, she was too beautiful to cry. And to know I was the reason, well that kills me.
"What the hell, Zayn!?" Harry was screaming at me. I was stuck in my own world.
"I told you, Harry! I forgot! I made a mistake!"
"You're damn right! Zayn, she's been your bestfriend for years! She should be more important than some whore you barely know!"
"Perrie isn't a whore!" Why would Harry say that? Then, I made another mistake.
I punched Harry. Dead center in hirs face.
Liam, Niall, Louis, and Eleanor all rushed to him. Perrie was hiding her face in my shoulder.
"Leave." Louis had a serious tone.
"Lads, I'm sorry, I didn-"
"I said leave!" Louis was screaming, he was really upset with me. So were all the others.
I grabbed my keys, and got in my car. Driving to nowhere. All I could think about was Jamie. Why was Harry defending her? And not taking my side? I needed time to think.
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