Zayn Malik; Dont Make Promises

Zayn and Jamie have known eachother since grade 3. But, it seems when he promises to love Jamie forever, Perrie gets in the way.


1. Introduction~~

Jamie's POV
"GET AWAY, NIALL! IT'S MINE!" I was running around the kitchen, guarding my chicken wrap.
"Jamie! Be nice to Nialler!"
"But, Liam! I paid for it!"
"Fine, Niall. But just a bite."
Then, I watched as Niall shoved the whole thing in his mouth. And smiling afterwards.
"Jamie....what did I say?" Liam gave me a stern look from across the room.
I stuck out my tounge, and walked into my room that I shared with Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie.
"Why were you screaming out there?" Danielle asked me as she was applying her make up."
"Well, I was eating my chicken wrap, when your stupid boyfriend made me give Niall a so called bite, and he shoved the whole thing down his damn throat. "
Danielle giggled "You two."
"Yeah, yeah. Hey, have you seen Zayn?"
She winked at me. Yeah, so? I kinda have a small crush on him. It's stupid, he's my best friend. And that's all.

Hi, my names Jamie Lynn Newman. 18, artist, Canadian, and this is my story on how Zayn Malik played with my emotions.
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