I don't know you.

A poem about how people leave our lives and everything changes inevitably.


1. I don't know you.


Feels like my story’s ended

And I have nothing left to learn

But I can’t let the past go

I can’t just let it burn.


We’re all getting older

And our ties are getting loose

Sooner or later they’ll give

And drop just like a noose.


I look at my reflection

And I don’t know who I see.

I see regret and loss and failure

And I can’t believe it’s me.


Never thought I’d be here

At the end of what I see

As a bitter resolution

And nothing left out there for me.


We thought life was full of promise

Full of noise and rock and roll

But now it’s only silence

And my life is grey and cold.


So I look at my reflection

And I can’t believe what I see

A shadow of my former self

And God I wish it wasn’t me.

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