The Adventures of Jeeves&Nigel

Read the adventures of jeeves and nigel,as they prepair for the rest of their lives.will jeeves become the next James bond?will nigel become a SRS BSNS guy?


3. this is about crumpets because jeeves likes them.

jeeves likes crumpets as you can tell everyone that will be amnd is in this story like them too haha.put butteer and jam and cream on your crumpets jeeves says but everyone thinks he is stupid but hes like noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and slaps himself in the face with a fish INSIDE  saucepan because he is vvvvvvvvstupid :0 :P lol so bye that was a good story, and if you have read this thanks because i have waisted 5 mins of your time so ha and byeeee <3

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