Life is not what it seems

Nothing interesting ever happend to Elizabeth until she woke up late one day and literally ran in to Harry Styles.


5. Meeting Dani

As we walk through the blinding lights I hear my own name being called by the paps.

"ELIZABETH!! LOOK OVER HERE!!" they yelled but Harry just whispered to keep walking and ignore them and I saw everyone else doing the same thing. Finally we reach the building and enter to see it just as crowded as outside and I feel like a tuna in a can. 

"Let's go over there!!" Harry yelled at the boys and Danielle and Eleanor, pointing at an empty room. As we push through the crowd people keep asking for autographs and pictures and other stuff but we just keep going, me clinging to Harry for dear life. Finally as we make it there we thought we were safe when we heard someone yelling over the crowd.

"Liam!!! Liam!" I looked at Harry with wide eyes thinking some fan got through the crowd.

"No worries love, it's just Dani, Li's girlfriend..." I nod and sigh in relief but I still hear the paps outside.

"DANI!!!" Liam yells and runs at a girl with gorgeous hair (A/N yes I'm putting that in there because I LOVE her hair).

"Oh thank god I found you guys!" she says exhausted. She was smiling at all the boys and hugging them and the girls when it came to me. And me being incredibly shy just smile.

"Oh sorry! Danielle this is Elizabeth my date." Harry said and I smiled shyly and she smiled back and hugged me as I looked over at the others who looked ready to break down laughing at how awkward this must be for me.

"Oh my gosh!! So your the girl Hazza won't shut up about??! Nice to meet you!!" she says and pulls away and goes over to Liam.

"Why don't we girls go start towards the party and you lads go sign some autographs for fans??" Eleanor suggested breaking the silence and we all go separetly and I can't help but notice that all the boys seem reluctant to leave, except Niall who has no date.

"Are you sure your ok with this??" Harry whispered in my ear as he hugged me. 

"Positive! Now go sign some autographs!" I whisper back and kiss his cheek and push him lightly towards the boys.

"Let's go!" I hear them yell behind me and I walk up to the girls.

"Where to now??" I ask completely lost.

"The party of course!!"

A/N: OMG!!! Guys it's been forever!!! I am soo sorry!! I've been super busy at school and trying to update all of my movellas is making me mad when I only had so long with the laptop!! But now after christmas!! I have my own so expect more updates!!! and this is the last chapter for the party I just REALLLY needed to update this!! Love you guys!!


P.S I'm thinking of adding some Haylor drama, thoughts?? Also who heard about Payzer?!!!! OMG YAY!!

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