Life is not what it seems

Nothing interesting ever happend to Elizabeth until she woke up late one day and literally ran in to Harry Styles.


4. Celebration

I put on some heels and a dress that reached my mid-thigh and had little loose blue sticking out. I put on light make up and curl my blonde hair. I make sure everything is alright then grab my black purse and slip on my black pumps and text Harry.

To <3 Hazza <3

Are you ready to go?

From: <3 Hazza <3

Yep r u?

To: <3 Hazza <3


From: <3 Hazza <3 

K! see you in a couple minutes!

I put my phone in my purse as Harry texts back and am almost out the door when Makayla and Kayla appear (weird I know but their twins).

"Oooh! Where you going?!" Kayla asks as I sigh and grab my house keys.

"Out to a party with Harry." I say and they giggle.

"Ok! Have fun! See you later!" They chime and I worry because their like the real life, female Weasley twins.

"Bye!" I say and walk outside and a car horn honks.

"Hey stranger!!" I hear a voice call and I turn to see Harry driving up in his car and Niall and Liam in the back. I smile and walk over and hop in.

"ELIZABETH!!" Niall yelled as I sat down.

"NIALL!!!" I scream back turning to face him. 

"LIAM!!" Liam screamed and Niall and I looked at him and he grinned. "What?! No one said my name!" he says and we all start to laugh.

"You guys are almost as weird as Kay and Makie!" I say and they look at me curiously.

"Who's 'Kay' and 'Makie'?" Liam asks.

"Oh it's Makayla and Kayla, but I call them Kay and Makie because their names weird me out and I don't care if their twins it's unnatural!" I say and Niall laughs but Liam just nods. "So where are e going?" I ask turning back around and look at Harry as we stop at a red light.

"You'll see....." Harry says and I pout.

"Please?" I ask and Harry glances at me and laughs. I guess it's somewhere nice because their all wearing tuxes.

"Nope!" Harry said and I huffed.

"Fine! But will you tell me where Zayn and Louis are?" I ask.

"They went ahead to pick up Eleanor and Perrie." He says and I feel slightly relieved that they'll be there so  I'm not just with the boys. We talk for a bit as we get there and twenty minutes later we pull up in front off a building with screaming fans everywhere.

"Now will you tell me where we are?!" I ask as Harry pulls me out of the car.

"Fine! We're at a party for celebration of our two years of being one direction!" He says and we are pushed in to the blinding light of cameras.

"LIAM!! NIALL!! HARRY!!" I hear Zayn's voice through the crowd and we push through to see Louis and Zayn and two girls I expect are Eleanor and Perrie. 

"Let's do this!" Niall yelled and ran forward then appeared a second afterward. "On second thought can I go with you guys?" he asks and we all laugh and start through the crowd periodically stopping so they can take pictures with fans or sign autographs.


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