Life is not what it seems

Nothing interesting ever happend to Elizabeth until she woke up late one day and literally ran in to Harry Styles.


1. Broken alarm clock

Elizabeth's POV

I woke up to bright sunlight in my eyes. Leaning over I check the clock on my bedside table. Eleven thrity-three! Damnit, I was supposed to meet Elena at twelve and it was about a twenty minute walk to the cafe we were meeting at! Damnit I was definitly not ready to wake up, considering I was up 'till like one in the morning last night watching danisnotonfire videos, why I don't know. Getting up out of bed first thing to wake me up was when I opened the door, my room mates had perched a bucket of ice cold water on top. Yay for not killing them!! Shivering I hop in the nice warm shower. After that I throw on my favourite pair of grey sweat pants and a tank top and grab my varsity jacket. I step out of the apartment building and it is suprisngly warmer than I expected considering it was London. I put my earbuds in and listen to some AVPM music until I hit a moving wall.

"Sorry are you ok?" I ask taking my earbuds out as the wall turned out to be a guy.

"Yep i'm fine I just didn't notice you there." he says looking up, and I see a pair of deep green eyes looking in to my blue ones.

"Y-ya!" I mange to stutter out and he smiles at me.

"So where are you going that causes you to run in to random people?" He asks and I blush slightly.

" I'm meeting my friend at a cafe a little ways away and I was kinda in a rush..." I reply.

"Why don't I give you a ride? You would get there a lot faster and I was just walking to my car over there!" He says cutting me off as I start to protest.

"Alright..." I say nervously and he grabs my hand and leads me over to his car. I get in the passenger side as he walks over to the drivers side and hops in. I give him the directions.

"What's your name again love? I don't believe you told me." He says and I blush slightly.

"Elizabeth." I say and he nods.

"Nice name Elizabeth, I'm Harry by the way." he says and a little laugh escapes my mouth.

"What is my name funny?" He asks protesting slightly.

"No! It's just you have green eyes and your names Harry!" I say and he still looks confused.

"I don't get it..." He says.

"Harry Potter?" I say making it sound obvious, and he gasps mockingly. We sit in silence for a few minutes until we stop at the cafe.

"Thanks for the ride Harry!" I say and open the door.

"Hold on! Let me give you my number incase you ever need a ride!" He says and I laugh and pull out my phone and hand it to him and he hands me his. I put in my number and hand his phone back. He gives me mine back and I see he put it under Hazza with little heart emoticons. Now i'm a little confused.

"Bye 'Hazza'!" I say making him laugh, and I step out of the car. I'm so glad I slept in this morning!

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