BIG Book Of Poems

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8. Untold History

A/N: This is based on the stupid police's lies they give. I mean, they blame the people who died when it was them who messed up! it's called the Hillsborough Incident or the Hillsborough Disaster. And the way the police lied! For years! Google it for information. :)

You blamed those that died,

We all can't believe how you lied,

When 'drunk' they were not,

And you left the truth to rot,

As they crushed against the fence,

They were all so tight and dense,

As the crowds swarmed in,

And the evidence survivors had put in the bin,

Because you were the ones that made a mistake!

And lives were at stake;

But you were so feeble and weak,

But slowly evidence started to leak,

And eventually everyone knew the truth,

And your high heads began to droop,

Because everyone knew the secrets;

But you denied and continued your habits.

Of lying,

And prying.

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