love and pregnancy? // not continuing

This is a story of devin (me) and harry styles they are dating and he got her pregnant? its the life of living with a famous guy, getting pregnant, then becomeing a famous parent!
(1st chap is a image that my friend made for me :))


3. Truth or Dare

"Ok Dev first everyone, now into a circle we all shall go!" Louis stated
"ok..." I started."Dani..truth or dare?"I laughed
"Uggggg..dare...I guess..." She said not so happy.
"I dare you to tell Niall about you-know-what!" I laughed again
"What HELL NO!"She screamed in my face.
"What what is it princess?" Niall asked her sweetly
"I can't tell'll be upset..." She studdered
"No..never princess..just please tell me" He said while looking in her deep brown eyes, kinda like Liam's eyes.
"I..I..I'm pregnant too......." She started crying.
"PRINCESS!" he said and hugged her tightly.
"You..your not mad? Dani asked Niall still kinda upset.
" never ever..this is great now you, me, Dev, and Harry, will have a family!
Dani smiled so wide it looked like her face was about to explode. Which made me laugh alot but i kept laughed inside.
After that lovey-dovey moment we got back to the game, which was real fun!


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