love and pregnancy? // not continuing

This is a story of devin (me) and harry styles they are dating and he got her pregnant? its the life of living with a famous guy, getting pregnant, then becomeing a famous parent!
(1st chap is a image that my friend made for me :))


10. SHOPPING!!!!

((Title gives it away))
"Lets go shopping!" I spurted out at Harry one morning.He looked at me then nodded."Ok kitten after the concert though,I swear I'll come it ends at 10:30." "a.m...or p.m.?" "A.m." "Ohh..ok...Great sounds like a plan!
"Devinnnnn my kittennnnn,where are you my love?"Harry asked coming through the door,and I approached him"Ready!!""Great come on Devie"
I laughed and we went to target."AWWWWWW look at this Harry!" I said pointing to a little pink baby shirt it said 'I'm a daddie's girl' and I thought it was THE cutest thing ever!Harry nodded.Then we practicly ran around picking out baby things in the end we ended up with these items:
Crib,Dipears,Shirts,skirts,pants,socks,shoes,and some shirts for myself.....verry fun!!!!!!!!!

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