love and pregnancy? // not continuing

This is a story of devin (me) and harry styles they are dating and he got her pregnant? its the life of living with a famous guy, getting pregnant, then becomeing a famous parent!
(1st chap is a image that my friend made for me :))


1. Pregnancy

 I am sitting on the toilet seat, shivering. The tests lay on the side of the tub. Having panicked, I took multiple and they all said the same. Positive.
I look up at the sound of the door opening. He's here. I stand shakily and walk to the living room. Harry is hurrying in and doesnt take off his shoes or jacket.
"Whats wrong? You said it was an emergency?" He asks looking you all over. He grabs a blanket off the couch.
"Ummm, I have some news." I say and try to find the words. He stares waiting. "Harry, I'm pregnant." I search for any light in his eyes. I giggle at the bright glow in them. He opens his mouth with a grin and looks around.
"Are you serious? I'm going to be a dad?" he squeaks joyfully. I nod and lead him in to see the tests. He picks me up gently and helps me pick out an outfit.
"Harry, what are you doing?" I ask watching him.
"I'm going to help you get dressed so we can tell mom." He says excitedly. I gawk at him.
"Maybe you should call her while I dress." He hurridley nods.
"You're right. Dress in something warm, I'll go call." He kisses you and places his hand on my belly. I go through and try to pick something nice but warm. Settling on a soft blue pull-over, I join Harry in the livingroom.
"What did you tell her?" I ask Harry as he gathers bags and keys that he dropped coming in. He looked up with a warm gaze.
"I told her that we wanted to eat lunch with her and catch up." He wraps his arm protectively around my shoulders and leads you to the car. As I watch Harry open your door, a snowflake lands right on my nose. I smile up at the flurries falling around. He drives me to his mother's house and by now, the little white rainbows had begun to stick.
"Here we go," I encourage yourself as you hop out of the car. Harry walks hand-in-hand with me and rings the doorbell. His mother reaches the door and welcomes you both in.
"Hello, Devin. are you doing well?" she asks and hugs you, tightly. Harry tenses as if the baby will be affected.
"I'm doing well, Anne. How bout yourself?" I ask pulling away. She beams and I see where Harry gets that smile.
"I'm doing alright. I just love the wintertime. Its beautiful outside." She turns to Harry. "Harry, my son, come and give your old mom a hug."
After the table was set and all of you were chowing down, Anne asked.
"Okay, what is it really?" Harry looked a her.
"Wha-" Harry started.
"We ate lunch last week. And earlier on the phone the urgency in your voice sounded as if something had happened. So what is it." She asked looking at you both. I swallow. Harry takes my hand.
"We're pregnant." You both say at the same time. His mother just sat there. She dropped her fork.
"Are you serious?" she looked completely shocked. I almost felt like she was upset. "I'm going to be a grandma?" she hopped up and laughed clapping her hands. I smiled at harry and stood up to hug her. She had tears in her eyes and looked at your belly. "Its going to be a beautiful baby." Harry came over to hug her.
"You want to celebrate?" He asked Anne. She glanced at him.
"Yes, we'll have to take pictures of the gradual bump, and throw confeti in the air, and get healthy food for Devin to eat." She stopped suddenly. "I'm too young to be a grandmother." I busted out laughing at the sudden mood change and she bumped you.
"Mother, you always look young in my eyes." Harry said and she smiled at her boy.
"Aww sweetheart. I love you." She looked at you. "I love both so much." She gathered both of you close and kissed your foreheads.
"I can't wait to see Darcy," I say watching your belly. The two glance at you

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