love and pregnancy? // not continuing

This is a story of devin (me) and harry styles they are dating and he got her pregnant? its the life of living with a famous guy, getting pregnant, then becomeing a famous parent!
(1st chap is a image that my friend made for me :))


2. my friend too!?

After Harry's mom had taken pictures taken of us my his mother, and all that other mushie stuff….we finally went home. We decided to invite the guys, you know the rest of one direction, plus my best buddy Dani, she’s Niall’s gf, anyway we all brought them to my apartment,well soon to be me and harry’s since harry wants to move in with me now.
"Excuse me guys!" I said loudly.
"YESH???????!!!!!!!" Louis said goofy like.
I quickly rolled my eyes not caring at his comment"Well...I'm pregnant!" I said proudly.
Dani eyed wided at me and hugged me so tight I could barely breath."Oh my god Dev!!!!!!!!!!!" She said excitedly.
"Yup..." I said while getting my lungs crushed. After 5 minutes she let go and everyyone else hugged me.
Then Harry was getting patts on the back and stuff like that (stolen from friend xD)
"Dev, come here...." Dani said alittle nervous.
"What???" I asked
"Come here" She said while pulling me into another room.
Then she started whispering to me" Dev...I'm pregnant too...but I'm afraid to tell Niall!"
"AWWWWWWWW" I said while hugging her
"Shhhhh..." she said and we went back into the other room.
"Truth or dare anyone?" Louis suggested.
"Yea me first!!!!!!!!1" I practicly yelled.

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