love and pregnancy? // not continuing

This is a story of devin (me) and harry styles they are dating and he got her pregnant? its the life of living with a famous guy, getting pregnant, then becomeing a famous parent!
(1st chap is a image that my friend made for me :))


5. Huh?

So I'm walking into Harry's tour bus, I've been in it a few times and stuff,but not alot! So when I walk in,guess who I see....pretty easy to figure out.Its Dani,hanging upside down playing DS, like a boss,of course!She always does this when she plays DS, I think its a tad bit weird,but when I do it with her we laugh our heads off and then I get a major headache. But again,I was surprise to see her there."Hey am I umm seeing this or are you an imposter or Dani?" She laughed and looked at me."Nope it is I the great and awesome DANI!!!!!" I laughed and facepalmed.I then sat down next to her."watcha playin'?" i asked curiously."think long and hard" she said. I laughed."ohh pokemon..." she nodded. "and watcha doing her?" "nialler!!!!!""huh?""he invited me.... and what about you mrs. styles?" she asked while laughing."what?! how do you know?!" "nialler!"
"figures!" I said laughing. After like 5 hours of watching Dani, I realized that we were moving and I tried getting up but i feel and started luahging,which sounds like crying,so harry quickly came in and made sure i was okay, which I was, but after a few more hours,I strated throwing up,and Harry was right by my side. So far not the funnest way to start out day 1 of being on tour with harry. but later we watched a movie and i fell asleep on harry's lap.(awwwwwww >////////<)

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