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1. Part One.

The woman on the news was by far the most mean, I remembered her from a Christmas show I'd watched last year. Hello I am Jodie- Hi Jodie. and you're watching the 5.00 news- It's 5.48. God!  Now have you ever had the feeling that you're being watched? No. Well this story strait in, a woman the age of twenty seven has been found in fifteen different homes in California, watching the children in the rooms and hiding usually in the cupboard- The woman who looked about the most disturbing lady I had ever seen with the most sharpest eyes and the most darkest hair appeared on the screen, hiding behind the cupboard- and with no home, no name has ran into fifteen houses and watched every move of the children that lived in the houses. Looking at the photos she look pretty scarey huh?- Shut up. Well three children said they saw the woman run out of their bedroom at night and as they found out 5 minuets later had stolen all of their food!- Ugh! It freaked me out, so J.o.d.i.e was switched off by the remote. 'Cindy!' I shouted.

'What is it?' Cindy walked into the room sounding bored beyond belief. 'Oh om do you know where Ronald is?' I asked. Ronald is my dog by the way. And om Cindy I am going to have to tell you sooner or later is my sister. My boring, retched, moaning sister.

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