My NIall Horan Love Story!



5. Unexpected Visits..


Later When You Get Home From The Hospital Your Old Friend Whiney Comes Over. You Were Totally Shocked When You Saw Her, Its Been Years. “Laurrenn!! I MISSED YOU!!!” She Screams. You Flinch, You Forgot How Loud She Was. “Whiney?! Uhhh, Its Great To See You But What Are You Doing Here? Its Been Years.” You Reply. She Runs To Give You A Hug. Niall Comes In “Hey Babe! Im Gonna Go To The Store To Buy Some Food, You Want Anything? You Need Anything?”  ”No Ill Be Okay. Um You Remember Whiney Right? My Old Friend From High School? Well She Came For A Random Unexpected And Very Unpleasant Visit.” “Oh. My. God! Your Still With This Jerk!? NO WAY! Lauren I Thought You Had Better Taste Then This!” “Um Yea.. Im Still With Him. Engaged To Him Actually.” You Say Making Sure She Can Hear The Additude. She Looks At You, “Lauren Really? Werent You Always Complaining About Wanting To Be With Zayn?” “No Whiney That Was You, Dont You Remember. I Was Always Saying How In Love I Was And You Would Always Cut In Saying ‘Oh Who Cares, Dont You Think Me And Zayn Would Look Great Together?’ Well No! I Dont! You Are Way To Much Of A Spoiled Snobby Little BRAT No Wonder He Turned You Down…. Hmm How Many Was It??? Oh Yea THIRTY TIMES!!!!!!!! Oh Yea Whiney Has To Get What She Wants. God Forbid Something Doesnt Go Her Way, Uh-oh Someone Talked Back Oh God Your In For An Ear Full!!! Just Get Over Yourself Already!!!!” She Looks At You, “Lauren Whats Wrong With You? What Happened To Us? We Were Best Friend For Four Years! Why Did You Just Pick Up And Leave?” She Asks. “BECAUSE I HATE YOU WHINEY! YOU ALWAYS PICK AND PICK AT WHAT YOU DONT LIKE AND IT DRIVES EVERYONE CRAZY! WHY DO YOU THINK I LEFT?! YOUR A TERRIBLE PERSON!” You Scream, Niall Looks At You. “Um Whiney I Think Your Leaving Now. Goodbye!” She Stomps Her Foot And Walks To Her Car, Stopping Half Way “THIS ISNT OVER LAUREN!” She Drives Away. You Look At Niall, “While Your Out You Think You Can Buy Me Some Anger Management.”  "Come On, Your Coming With Me.” He Sighs. You Go To The Store And Run Into Liam And Daniella. The Second You See Him The Memory Of When You First Met Him Comes To Mind, Your Not Sure Why…. But It Kind Of Gives You Butterflies. *  The Day You And Liam Met * It Was A Regular Day, You And Niall Had Just Started Dating And You Hadnt Met The Boys Yet. You Were Walking Through The Park And You Saw A Turtle. Not To Far From That Was A Boy And Not To Far From Him Was The Paparazzi. “Niall, Isnt That Liam?” You Ask Pointing To Him. He Laughs, “Liam! Yo Liam! Come Here!” He Yells. Liam Turns Around And Sees You Both Standing There So He Comes Running Over “Hello There, You Must Be The World Famous Lauren. Heard So Much About You I Feel I Already Know You.” He Says With A Laugh. You Laugh With Him. “Hey Lets Get Out Of Here, Girls And Paparazzi Are Coming.” Niall Pulls You Away, Liam Follows. You Sit In A Little Coffee Shop, Its Quiet And Empty. You Look At Liam, “So! The World Famous Liam Payne! I Know So Much About You I Feel Like Weve Been Friends Forever.” You Choke Out. “Laurens A Directioner, She Knows Alot About Us. Its Really Kinda Creepy How Directioners Know How To Get Stuff About Us Without Us Knowing They Exist.” It Starts Getting Dark Out And It Starts To Pour “We Better Get Home Before It Starts Raining Harder. Come On Lets Get You Home.” You Go Out Side In The Pouring Rain Niall Notices Your Shivering So He Gives You His Jacket. You Smile, And He Wraps His Arm Around You And You Kiss For The First Time All Day. *  Back To Reality  * You Shake The Memory From Your Head And Realize Their All Staring At You. You Look Up At Them And Feel The Heat Rushing To Your Cheeks “Umm Lauren? You Okay, You Look A Little Tired.” Danielle Points Out. “Huh? Oh Sorry Kinda Zoned Out Started Thinking. Again, Sorry.” Niall Takes My Hand “Alright Guys, See You Later Then.” You Walk Away. “Baby What Was That All About?” “I Was Thinking About….. How Me And Liam Met……” You Say Hesitantly ”But Hey I Have To Pee Really Bad.” You Go To The Bathroom Only To See The Girl You Hate Most. None Other Than. The One And Only, Katherine. You Go Pee And On Your Way Out She Says “Ew Your Still Alive Wow! I Thought You Died! Along With Your Little Emo Asian!!!” You Turn To Her. “Do Not Start With Me Katherine, Im Finally Happy And There Is NO WAY Im Letting You Ruin It!” She Takes A Step Forward, You Dont Move. She Steps Forward Again. You Still Dont Move. Your Phone Rings, Your Ringtone Is Niall Singing The A-Team By Ed Sheeran. You Answer. “Hello?” “Hey Baby, Everything Okay?” “Yes Baby, Everything Is Just Fine Why?” “I Dont Believe You. You Sound…. Frustrated. Whats Wrong?” “Oh Nothing Just Ran Into An Old………Class Mate While I Was Here Wont Be To Much Longer..” “Okay, I Love Youu.” You Notice Shes Wearing A Niall Shirt So Just To Get To Her You Say “I Love You To Niall See You Soon.” As Soon As She Hears That She Gets Furious, “It Isnt?” She Says Looking At Her Shirt. “Oh It Is.” “YOUR THE “HOT NEW LOVER”???” You Smile, Laugh “Ohhhhh Katherine, Naive Little Katherine… When Will You Learn.? When Some One Knocks You Down Its Only Cause Your Above Them And Right Now I Am So Above You.” You Turn Around Ready To Walk Out When You Feel A Pull At Your Hair. You Shove Her Into The Wall, “What Did I Just Tell You! Im Happy Now Back Off!” You Shove Her Away And Walk Out. Nialls Waiting And Noticed Your Hair Is Messed Up. “Babe What Just Happened In There?” He Asks. “What Happens In The Girls Bathroom Stays In The Girls Bathroom.” Just As You Get Those Words Out “HEY LOOK EVERYBODY ITS NIALL HORAN FROM ONE DIRECTION AND HIS UGLY LITTLE GIRLFRIEND!!!!!” You Turn Around, ” I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE US ALONE!!!!” You Scream. She Charges At You Like An Angry Bull In A Rodeo, So You Charge Right Back Ready To Put This To An End. You Two Were Fighting For About 15 Minutes Before A Police Officer Decided To Break It Up. “Girls Girls Girls! Calm Your Tits!” You Start Laughing! “I Guess The Comedian Thing Didnt Work Out Did It Damon?” “Eh Life Took A Different Route Then I Had Wished But- Wait How Did You Know About That?” You Reply With “Fizzy Family Forever Right?” He Starts Smiling “Heeeyyy! Well How About This,” He Shoves Katherine Away. “Im Letting You Both Off With A Warning.” He Points To You “But You! I MUST Get To Know You If Thats Okay With Your Very Famous Very Good Looking Fiance!” You Laugh Then Look At Niall. “Its Alright With Me.” “Yaay” You Hand Him Your Cell Phone And He Puts His Number In And You Take His To Put Yours In. When You Get Home You And Niall Sit Down And Watch Grease The Musical, His Favorite Movie. During The Song ‘Your The One I Want’ Niall Takes Your Hand And Starts Singing Like Crazy. You Laugh You Both Stand Up And Start Dancing, Then The Doorbell Rings And You Pause The Movie And Run. When You Open The Door Your Jaw Drops. “Ummmm. Hey. Come On In.” Niall Is Watching The Door Like A Hawk When His Jaw Drops To. “Eleanor. Uhm What Are You Doing Here?” He Chokes. She Looks At Me Then The Tv… “Oh Im Sorry. Did I Interrupt? I Just Came To See If Louis Was Here. I Wanna Talk To Him.” You See Louis Hiding And Shake His Head No. So You Say “Nope Sorry Hes Not Here So If You Dont Mind Id Kinda Like To Sit Down And Watch A Movie With My Fiance. Bye Ele!” You Open The Door, She Looks At Niall Then Back At You. “Oh, Okay Well Im Sorry Bye…” She Leaves. Louis Comes Out “THANK YOU LAUREN!” “YOUR WELCOME LOUIS!” Louis Walks Passed You And Whispers In Your Ear “Gettin Lucky Tonight Little Lady?” You Cover Your Face And Whisper Back “Hopefully!” You Laugh And You Wink Sitting Back Down.  You Lay Down On The Couch With Niall To Continue Your Movie. You Fall Asleep And The Nightmare Continues. *In The Nightmare;* Your Running. Breathing Heavy, Its Starts Raining Harder And You Trip. Nialls Gone Again. You Try To Get Up But Your Ankle Is Twisted. He Stands Over You. You Cant See His Face But When He Speaks You Know Who He Is. "Oh Lauren. Looks Like Everyone Is Disapearing." Mike. He Holds Up A List Of Names That Have Crosses Through Them, Mom Dad Stephanie Liam Louis Harry Zayn Paul Niall Lorelei  Daniella You Start Crying. "Oh So, You See Names You Know? I Figured You Would." He Said With A Laugh. You Get Mad, Your Body Heats Like Theres A Fire In Your Stomach. Your Heart Races And All Of The Sudden You Get A Burst Of Adrenaline. "BACK OFF!" You Scream And Kick Him Away. You Get Up And Run Completely Forgetting About Your Ankle.
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