My NIall Horan Love Story!



4. Things Get Better


Two Hours Later Your All Sitting On The Couch Watching Toy Story, Your At The Part When Buzz And Woody Get Left At The Gas Station. You Look At Liam And Hes Really Close To Tears Daniella Holds Him Close. Just Then The Power Goes Out And Its Dark. Niall Pulls You Close And Asks If Everyone Is Okay. Suddenly Theres A Shadow In The Window... You Scream, And Tell The Boys To Do Something So They All Stand Up, Harry Grabs A Bat Niall Grabs A Umbrella Zayn Grabs A Mirror Louis Grabs A Shoe And Liam. Liam Doesnt Grab Anything.. "Harry And Niall Took The Good Stuuuff!" He Follows Behind Louis, They Walk Out To The Window And Laugh. You Hear Harry Say "PAUL WHAT THE EFF!?!" They Bring Paul Inside You Walk Over And Hit Him Upside The Head "PAUL YOU SCARED THE PEE OUT OF ME!" He Looks Confused, "I LITERALLY PEED!" You Say. With A Laugh You Run Up Stairs And Change Your Pants Having Trouble Finding Your Sweatpants In The Dark. "What Happened To Your Lights?" Paul Asks. "The Storm Blew Them Out" Zayn Answers. "Zayyn! Come Sit With Me Im Freezing!" Tatiana Says. You Sit On The Couch Niall Sits With You And Wraps His Arms Around You, You Slowly Drift To Sleep And While Asleep You Have A Dream. More Like A Nightmare. In Your Dream; "BABE HELP!" You Scream. No Answer, You Run. In Raining And Its Dark. You Have No Idea Where You Are. "Niall! Help Me Please!!" You Scream Again. Still No Answer. You Look Behind You, Theres A Guy He Has A Gun. You Dont Know Who He Is And Dont Take Any Chances. You Run Faster. You Jump Over A Fence And See Harry. "HARRY! Help Me Pleeaase!" Suddenly He Turns Towards You, Gun In His Hand To. You Scream, Niall Comes Running "Finally I Found You! Ive Been Looking Everywhere For You.!" You Start Crying, "Hes Coming" You Choke Out. "Who? Whos Coming?" You Try So Hard To Answer But You See Him Jump Over The Fence You Scream, "HIM! HES COMING!" Harry Pushes You Behind Him And Holds Up His Gun, But Before He Could Pull The Trigger.. He Was Dead, Shot Right In The Chest. You Look At Niall And He Drags You Through The House And You Both Start Running, You Dont Know Where Your Running To But You Dont Stop. Back In Reality; You Wake Up Sweating Screaming And Crying Waking Niall. "Baby! Whats Wrong ? Are You Okay ?" You Try To Explain But Your Out Of Breath And Between Sobs You Manage To Get Out "He......Shot Him.... Harry.. He Was Killed. He Came After Me....." He Rubs Your Back And Tells You To Relax. You Fall Back To Sleep You Get Up The Next Morning, Walk Outside To Get Some Air But You Stop At The Door To See Carly And Harry Sitting By The Pool Together. Shes Wearing His Jacket And Has A Huge Smile On Her Face “Hey Carly… Uhm Can I Ask You Something? Ive Been Waiting A Long Time To Ask You..” She Looks At Him With A Slight Smile. “Uhh Yea I Guess, Everything Okay?” “Oh Yea, Everything’s Great… I Hope. But Umm, I Wanna Ask You.. Will You Go Out With Me? I Know Were Going On Tour Soon But-“ “Harry.. Shhhh Relax. Of Course Ill Go Out With You.” He Takes Her Hand And Kisses Her Forehead. She Blushes And You Decide To Walk Towards Them. “Hey You Two Whats Going On Out Here?” You Ask. “Hey Lauren…. Oh You Know Just Asking Carly Out. No Big Deal." You All Start Laughing. You Run Inside And Put On Your Bikini Go Back Outside And Jump In The Pool, “Your Crazy! Its Freezing Out Here!” Carly Shouts. “Its 80 Degrees! Take The Jacket Off And Jump In!” Harry Takes His Shoes And Shirt Off Then Jumps In. Carly Laughs Goes Inside And Changes Soon Coming Back In Her Bikini Then She Jumps In. Niall Comes Out Seeing That Your All Swimming “Feeling Better I See? No Longer Upset?” “No Im Not! Jump In With Us Babe!” He Takes His Shirt Off And Jumps In, Your Floating Alone In The Deep End, At Least You Thought You Were Alone, All Of The Sudden You Get Pulled Under. You Open Your Eyes And See Niall, He Pulls You Close To Him And You Start Kissing Underwater, One Of Your Dreams Come True. While Underwater You Hear Thunder So You Come Up For Air. “Lauren! Niall! Get Out Its About To Pour!” You Get Out Of The Water And You Stand Under The Patio, He Looks At You Takes Your Hand And Your Eyes Lock.  You Try To Move But Your Body Freezes You Cant Move. Suddenly You Feel Light Headed And Like Your Gonna Be Sick. Again You Try To Move But You Cant, You Try To Speak But Nothing Comes Out. Then Everything Goes Black. Niall Picks You Up And Lays You On The Couch. He Kisses Your Forehead, Covers You With A Blanket And Runs To Get You Some Clothes. He Gets You Dressed And Takes You To The Hospital, Hes Not To Worried. He Knows Your A Strong Fighter. The Doctor Says Youll Be Fine “She Just Had A Little To Much Blood Pumping. The Heart Was Beating So Fast That She Had Way To Much Going On, Body Couldnt Take It So It Shut Down. She Will Be Fine” The Doctor Says With A Smile. You Slowly Wake Up, Moaning. *Did I Hit My Head?* You Think. Niall Doesnt Notice. He Keeps Talking To Harry And Carly. “I Really Want This Wedding To Be Special, I Want It To Be Original, I Want It Be……… Me And Lauren. You Know What I Mean? I Dont Want Her Mom Planning It I Dont Want My Mom Planning It. I Mean I Really Want Us To Sit Down And Plan It With No Help. She Picks Her Dress I Pick My Tuxedo. She Picks The Flowers I Pick The Music. She-” Carly Cuts In. “Niall I Think We Get It. But I Think You Should Turn Around And Repeat That To Her Face.” He Turns Around And Sees Your Smiling Face. He Looks At You Kisses Your Nose And Takes Your Hand. Neither Of You Say A Word, You Love The Way The Moment Feels. You Open Your Mouth But Nothing Comes Out. He Brings You Some Water And When You Open Your Mouth The Words Come Out. “Baby, I Heard Everything You Said And I Totally Agree. I Was Afraid To Say Anything I Didnt Know If You Wanted Your Mom To Help Plan This Or What..” You Stop Realizing That Your Babbling. 
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