My NIall Horan Love Story!



2. The Newly Engaged Couples First Night<3


Your Sitting On The Couch Watching Tv When All Of The Sudden Niall Comes Running In Looking Scared And Screaming "BABY BABY BABY HELP!!!!" You Jump Up And Say "BABY! WHATS WRONG!?" Just Then Zayn Comes Running Looking Really Mad! "NIALL JAMES HORAN GET OVER HERE!!!!" He Yells. At The Sound Of That You Jump And Look Confused....  "I Used His Mirror" He Whispers In Your Ear. Hearing That You Turn To Zayn, "Zayn, Is There Really A Problem With Him Using Your Mirror?" You Sigh. "Boys Sit Down.. We Need To Have A Talk.."They Slowly Sit Down, Niall Still Scared. "YOUR 18 STOP ACTING 5! ZAYN ITS JUST A MIRROR! NIALL IF HE DOESNT WANT YOU USING HIS MIRROR DONT!!!" When That Comes Out Of Your Mouth You Immediately Feel Like Their Mother. You Look At Niall And He Looks Surprised. Zayn Looks At You And Stands Up. "You Cant Use My Mirror Either." You Sigh, "I Have My Own." You Sit Down Next To Niall Laying Your Head On His Shoulder, He Puts His Arm Around You And Kisses Your Forehead. He Turns On The Tv And Goes To The Food Channel. You Giggle, And Fall Asleep. You Wake Up And Find Yourself Curled Up Next To Niall In Bed, He Has His Shirt Off Which Makes You Smile. You Stand Up And Look At The Clock, 9:13am. "Wow, I Slept For A Long Time..." You Mumble. You Go Downstairs Barefoot In His Sweatpants A Tank Top And His Jacket, You Run To The Carpet Forgetting How Cold Tile Can Be. You Look At The Couch And See Zayn Harry Liam and Louis Passed Out. You Giggle Then Run Up Stairs To Get Socks. You See Niall Staring At You, You Look At Him.... "Baby, You Aright?" "Huh? Oh Yea Im Fine Im Just Really Hungry But I Dont Wanna Get Up..." He Blushes.You Take His Hand And Drag Him Down Stairs Thinking To Yourself Wow, Im Engaged To The Hungriest Man ALIVE! You Smile At The Thought Of It.  You Make Him Eggs And Pancakes Then And When The Boys Wake Up They Ask You To Make Them Some To. Hours Go By And The Girls Come Over, Tatiana, Daniella, And Eleanor. The Boys Think That Their There For Them. Think Again. "Lauren! Your Wedding Planners Are Hereee!" Daniella Yells! "Have You Picked A Date? What About Your Dress? How Are You Gonna Do Your Hair? Where Is It Gonna-" "Dani! Relax, We Just Got Engaged Yesterday Buuuut........ I Saw The Prettiest Dress Ever The Other Day!" She Laughs. You Look Passed Her And See That Liam And Eleanor Are Talking And They Look Upset So You Pull Louis Aside And Ask Him If Everything Is Okay. He Says "I Really Dont Know, But I Am Going To Find Out.." He Bounces Over To Eleanor And Liam "Hey Babygirl Everything Ok? You Two Seem Upset.."
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