My NIall Horan Love Story!



3. The Bad News</3


"Listen Lou, We Have Some Bad News For You And Dani. Babe.. Can You Came Here For A Second?" Daniella Walks Over Looking Confused. "Me And Ele, We Have Kinda Ummm...... Well We.... The Last Couple Of Days We Umm...." He Starts, But Doesnt Finish. "Weve, Been Talking And Umm, We Have Been Kinda Sneaking Behind Your Backs... For The Past 3 Days..." He Finally Finishes. "I Wanted To Tell You But Lou But You Were Soo Happy And I Didnt Wanna Ruin That, And Dani You Know I Would Never Do Anything To Hurt You On Purpose. This Was Just Kinda On The Spot, Babe This Was All My Idea Please Dont Be Mad At Liam, Im So So Sorry Guys. Babe Are You-" Louis Interrupts "Dont! Dont Call Me Babe. Dont Call Me Ever, We. Are Done. And As For You Liam.. I Am Furious How Could You Do This To Poor Danielle? She Loves You To Death And You Repay Her By Cheating?" Eleanor Feels So Bad That She Doesnt Say Another Word, She Just Runs Out. Everybody Frozen, Kinda Like A Picture. Just Then Carly  Walks In, Louis Sees Her And His Eyes Light Up Breaking The Silence, He Says "Hey Carly!" She Sits With Him And He Forgets All About Eleanor.. Dani Runs To The Bathroom, You Run After Her, She Sits There Sobbing Into A Towel. You Take Her Hand, "Listen Dani.. Everything Is Going To Be Okay, I Know You Love Liam But It Seems To Me This Wasnt His Idea, Everybody Here Knows That Eleanor Has Her Ways Of Pressuring Anybody Into Anything. Maybe If You Talk To Him He Can Clear Things Up For You And You Can Still Be Together." She Looks At You. "I..... I Dont Know How To Forgive Him For This. Weve Been Together For Two Years And In 5 Minutes He Broke A Year Of Trust...-" You Interrupt Her "Go Talk To Him. I Think He Needs A Little Comfort Just Like You, Go. Right Now. Go See How He Feels About All This. There May Not Be Much To Say.. But Behind Those Words And Tears Are About A Million More Words That May Bring Your Trust Back..." She Looks At You, Stands Up And Walks To Liam. Louis Walks Up To You "Wanna Give Me Whatever Pep Talk You Just Gave Her?" He Snickers. You Shake Your Head And Pull Him To The Kitchen, "Whos Hungry? Im Starving?" Just As You Say That Niall Stands Up "FINALLY SOMEONE OFFERS FOOD!" You Laugh And Ask "What Do You Want Baby?" He Looks At You.... His Face Fills With Shock "Umm I Dont Know What I Want!" We All Gasp, Harry Cuts In "SOME ONE CALL 911 NIALL DOESNT KNOW WHAT HE WANTS-" "I WANT PIZZA!!" He Screams. You All Let Out A Long Sigh Of Relief. But You Laugh, You Pick Up The Phone, And Order Pizza. You Look At Liam And Daniella, Their Happy And Still Together. He Kisses Her On The Nose. "Baby I Am So So So Soo Sorry For Everything. But Eleanor She Paid Me. $20.00 A Day To Sleep With Her, I Only Did It So We Can Make Money So We Can Move Out On Our Own Instead Of Us Living With Our Parents." Eleanor Walks In The Room Drops Dead Quiet. She Walks To Liam, Hands Him His Money And Leaves. The Room Stays Quiet, Nobody Moves Nobody Breathes. We All Turn Our Heads Towards Him He Stands Up And Explains... Everyone In Awe. Nobody Ever Thought Liam James Payne Would Be The Type Of Guy To Do That Kind Of Thing. Dead Quiet Still And The Doorbell Rings You All Jump. You Walk To The Door Get The Pizza And Still Say No Words.. But As Soon As Niall Starts Eating Everything Goes Back To Normal.  
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