My NIall Horan Love Story!



1. Intro!


“Baby?” “Baby Wake Up.” You Slowly Open Your Eyes To See Niall Staring At You With His Big Blue Eyes. You Smile, He Gently Lays A Soft Passionate Kiss On Your Lips. “Good-morning Beautiful” He Says With A Sigh. “Whats Wrong, Boo?” He Looks At You And Takes Your Hand… “Im…. Im STARVING!” He Says With A Smile Which Makes You Giggle. You Stand Up And Tell Him Your Going To Get Dressed And You Two Can Go Get Food. He Smiles And Hugs You “Your The BEST Girlfriend EVER” He Replies, Giving You Butterflies. You Love The Feeling So Much You Hope It Never Goes Away.! You Go In Your Closet And Grab A Pair Of Skinny Jeans, A Tank Top, Nialls Green Jacket And A Pair Of Your Boots. You Walk Down Stairs And See All The Boys Down Stairs With Daniella, Eleanor And Tatiana. When Niall Sees You He Smiles.  “How Did I Know You Would Wear That Jacket?” He Asks. “Just A Hunch?” You Say Hopefully With A Giggle. When The Boys See You They All Smile And In Unison Say “GOODMORNING SLEEPYHEAD!!” Making You Giggle And Blush. You Look Over At Liam And Daniella And You See How Happy They Are That Puts A Smile On Your Face. Louis Kisses Eleanor On The Nose And You Smile Even More, Tatiana And Zayn Are Whispering To Each Other, Zayn Making Her Blush Like Crazy. You All Get In The Car And Go Get Some Food, You Reach In The Pocket Of Nialls Jacket And Find A Small Velvet Box, You Smile Blush And Look At Him. You Say “Baby….. Wh-what Is This?”  He Takes The Small Box From You Opens It And Casually Saying With A Smile, “Looks Like A Diamond Ring To Me.. But I Think What It Means Is Way More….” You Start Crying And He Takes Your Hand. “Lauren..?” You Nod “I Love You More Than Anyone On This Planet… Everyday We Spend Together Is Like A Roller Coaster.” You Look Confused.  “Its Fun..” You Nod “So Baby. I Have A Very Important Question For You. Will You Please Be My Wife?” You Take A Deep Breath Ready To Answer, But Before You Can Speak Someone Interrupts. “OMG!! NIALL WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US!?!” Its Daniella. Liam Pulls Her Away Looks And Says “Sorry Love, Carry On.” “Niall, I Would Love To Marry You!” You Say With A Huge Smile. He Slowly Slides The Ring On Your Finger With A Smile, Pulls You Into His Arms And Lays A Deep Passionate Kiss On You Lips. “Baby I Love You Soo Much.” He Whispers. “I Love You To.” You Whisper Back. You Turn Your Head And See The Whole Restaurant Staring At You Two, You Blush And They All Cheer And Clap For You. Meanwhile With Zayn And Tatiana. Tatiana Had Just Broke The News To Zayn That His Hair Was Way To Steep. He Looked At Her “Your Joking Right? This Took Me HOURS! Babe Your Kidding Right?” He Takes Out His Handheld Mirror And Checks It She Says With A Blush “Baby Relax It Just Needs To Be Cut A Little Bit..” “But Babe I Havent Cut It In Years…” He Says. We All Laugh And She Says “Baby Its Okay I Still Love You”  “I Love You To Tati.” He Says Softly.
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