My NIall Horan Love Story!



6. A Twist In The Plot O.o


*Back In Reality* "Why Is She Sweating?" Harry Asks Niall. "Shes Been Having These Dreams Where We All Die. But I Dont Think Its Bad Right Now, She Would Have Woken Up Already. She Usually Wakes Up Within Less Than Five Minutes." He Replied. You Roll Over And Here The Faint British Voices Of Harry And Zayn. You Here Niall To. A Moment Of Silence, "Oh My God Niall Why Didnt You Tell Me!?" Mrs. Horan, Nialls Mom. You Hear Footsteps Coming Up The Stairs. You Roll Over And "Go To Sleep". He Laughs, "I Wont Make You Come Down Now... But You Should Know Shes Staying A Few Nights." You Sit Up, "Shes Whaaat??" You Get Up. "Ill Go See Her Now Dont Worry About It. What Time Is It Anyway? What Time Did I Go To Sleep?" "You Fell Asleep Around 3pm But Its 5:30 Now. Get Dressed And Come Down When Your Done." He Pulls The Door Shut And You Walk In The Closet. You Grab Your Khaki Shorts, A Purple Polo, And Black Nike's. You Look In The Mirror And Smile Satisfied With How You Look. You Brush Your Hair And Pull It Into A Braid, You Brush Your Bangs Down, They Cover Every Inch Of Your Forehead. Your Hair Is So Long It Cascades Down Your Back. You Bounce Down Stairs Happy To See Your Future Mother In Law. She Hugs You So Tight You Cant Even Breathe. She Has A Huge Smile On Her Face. Her Eyes, Just As Blue As Nialls, Light Up And Sparkle As She Smiles. You Automatically Look Into Nialls Eyes And He Smiles. Her Silence Makes You Uncomfortable So Speak Up "Maura! Its Great To See You! Sorry I Didnt Come Down Sooner I Guess I Fell Asleep For A Few Hours." Your Eyes Shift To Zayn And Harry, Their Eyes Are Wide And Your Confused. Niall Steps To Your Side. "Lauren Why Dont You Show Her The Ring? Its Gorgeous Just Like Her!" He Lifts My Hand  Up To Her Face The Smile Slowly Fading Away. Zayn And Harry Still In Shock You Still Confused. Her Eyes Shift To The Ring That Lingered In Her Face, Her Eyes Were Still Sparkling Like She Was Still Smiling But That Smile Had Disapeared. You Slowly Lower Your Hand And Back Away. "I.... I Have To Go... I Have Plans With A Friend.. Sorry To Leave On Such Short Notice." Harry And Zayn Snap Out Of It "Oh Yea! We Have To Meet Up With... Whiney." My Head Snaps Up "Yeah Uhm Right Lets Go." We Walk Outside And Get In The Car. You Start Driving None Of You Saying A Word. You Turn On To A Gravel Road, "Lauren Where Are We Going?" You Dont Answer. Youve Been Driving For An Hour, So You Pull Over. You Turn To Harry. The Silence Was Driving You Crazy But You Had No Idea What To Say. Your Phone Started Ringing. It Was Niall So You Answer. "Hello?"   "Lauren? Lauren Where Are You Guys?" He Asks. He Sounds Like Hes Been Crying. "I......I Dont Know... I Just Started Driving And I Wasnt Paying Attention To Anything But The Road. Im Sorry, Were On Our  Way Home Now Baby." You Say With Slight Enthusiasm.  "Lauren.. What Happened Back There? You Like, Freaked Out." Zayn Asks. You Look At Him In The Rearview Mirror, Your Eyes Tear Up And  You Feel The Lump Growing In Your Throat. "I...-" You Get Cut Off When All Of The Sudden You Hear A Horn Honk And You Swerve Crashing Into A Car In The Next Lane Over. You Black Out, Harry Gets Stuck And Zayn Is Just Fine. Zayn Starts Freaking Out "Harry What Are We Gonna Do?" He Shouts. Suddenly He Hears Sirens. "Help! Help!" Harry Starts Yelling. Harrys Door Suddenly Gets Ripped Open And He Gets Pulled Out Along With Zayn. Your Still Unconscience In The Driver Side. "How Did This Happen?" You Dont Recognize The Voice But You Slowly Start Coming Back And Realize Whats Happened. You Start To Freak Out, Trying To Take Your Seatbelt Off You Accidently Honk The Horn. "Sweetheart Calm Down!" Zayns Voice. You Relax And Zayns Voice Comes Back. Louder This Time, Like He Was Closer. "The Fire Fighters Are Here To Help You?" 
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