Living Up to The Chance

Charlotte has had many chances to change her life around, but never followed through. changing schools and meeting new people will allow for more chances to come up, including one to be close to the most famous five boys in the world, will she live up to the chance?


1. The Chance to Talk

The alarm in my room went off, which meant it was time to get up for school. As I opened my eyes I looked at my white ceiling and saw a sticky note that I had put up the day before  it said "smile". I always had to remind myself so I didn't get to depressed. I smiled to myself and looked at the clock, for once my alarm didn't malfunction and go off late, and I wasn't in any rush. I slumped out of bed and picked out my clothes, a white tank-top with a bright pink crop top which was mostly fringe, and skinny jeans that I thought looked pretty good on me. I looked at myself in the mirror, If I had an I phone in my back pocket, I be perfectly mainstream.

I grabbed my crappy LG phone and saw I had two texts. One was from my dad. "Hey honey, I'm on the plane home, expect me within the next week, love you." Fuck you, I thought, my dad was never home and as soon as he was, he immediately gets drunk. If it wasn't for the next text I received, I wouldn't have smiled like the note I had left myself had said. "Sup Elle! I got my schedule changed so now I have 4 classes with you instead of 1, see you in algebra!xx"

I smiled at the text and looked at myself one more time before heading downstairs, trying to be quiet as to not wake up my mom. She worked night shifts at god knows where but at least she liked it. She was a nurse and was never sure what hospital she was going to be working in that night. I live in Bath, London, but my mom, Char, doesn't like the school system here so she pays extra to let me go to private school in Bradford and I was transferring to Cheshire School for Higher Learning in Performing Arts soon. It is a rather long name so I just call it music school, since that it why I'm attending. I play percussion and trumpet in wind ensemble in Bradford. I can play all the instruments in the band, but I made it in because of those two. I also sing in chamber choir and will be getting "Higher Learning" in that too. I poured myself a glass if orange juice and headed out the door, as to not miss the first train that took me closest to school.

While walking down the street, I got another text. "Elle! You get my text? We have some more classes together now!xx" It was then that I remembered I hadn't replied to the first text. I replied, "We need to talk, it's kind of important." He texted back immediately  "Is it your dad again?xx" "Yeah kinda, but there is more important stuff..." After a few seconds I got a text that said, "I'll be at the C2 connector.xx" That was the connector I had to take when going to school. I boarded the train and sat down to do some homework that I had forgot about the night before.

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